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    ANO Standing System Beta Testing

    I’ve had a good play around on both desktop and mobile and apart from what’s already have been reported I haven’t seen any problems. Also I’ve completed voting.
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    Federate-This efficiency update

    Federate This is now back operating at our pledged 50% efficiency.
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    Core committee formation - Input from candidates please

    I support 11 members I do not have the time nor desire to be chair person
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    Process Discussion Core committee formation

    I think this is a list of very competent and well known people and I would have a very hard time to exclude any from this list. I fully support your suggestion of having these 12 members form the core committee and then progress from there.
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    Process Discussion Alert System Bot Hosting

    I'm sure it could easily be done but in 9 times out of 10 I'd say it wouldn't be necessary as the restart will be done by the core committee without the individual ANOs having to anything anyway. This again brings me back to philosophy of alerting where we, in my opinion, should aim only to...
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    Process Discussion Core committee formation

    I would like to join the new Core Committee as well. I have mainly been helping with testing and rolling out new releases and to a lesser extend helping with bug bounty review which will also be my focus in the future. My background is more than 20 years of operations experience in various forms.
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    Calculating available FCT in grant pool

    I would personally prefer option A. It might mean some grants won't get funded in this round, which of course is unfortunate, but on the other hand going forward it doesn't set a precedent and it will not put the protocol at risk of not being able to fund the grants and won't have any effects on...
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    Testnet Administrator Election

    In the last year we as the community have come a long way and the role of the testnet has definitely changed since it was created before M3 last year. I agree it would make sense to split up the functions into smaller more dedicated tasks but until such a time that the testnet governance is...
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    Testnet Administrator Election

    So far only Andrew has expressed his interest in taking up this position.
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    Testnet Administrator Election

    My best interpretation is that it refers to Testnet Authority Node as that is what the Testnet governance document is written for. And yes I agree it should be longer than 24 hours but would have to change the governance document for that.
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    Testnet Administrator Election

    As per our testnet governance Testnet Governance section 3.1.3 we need to elect a testnet administrator on May 1st. I would like to apologize for this late notice for the upcoming election. I have been focusing my time on other work, one being the soon-to-be released Off-Blocks app and as I...
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    Testnet Framework

    @Matt Osborne as Tor said it's being done under the scope of the core committee but it my my clear idea that it should be the testnet admin coordinating the testing of new releases together with the committee
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    Process Discussion Should Guides be allowed to vote with greater weight than any current ANO in ANO Election Round 3?

    I think the number was chosen to make sure there would be a majority in favor of either side and as the testnet administrator was largely considered objective criteria, it was decided to make it 16%. The scoring will be the same as can be seen in the reports from the last election (should be on...
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    Document Discussion ANO Expectations and Requirements

    I generally find industry best practice to be 90 days eg W3C. We are talking vulnerabilities that can compromise the integrity of the protocol or will require a significant amount of work to recover from if exploited. This would not be your normal feature/bug fix release but a specific release...