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    Thanks for the initiative @Mike Buckingham Let me know if you need help with graphics for this.
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    Vote Matthias Fortin from HashnStore Gave Standing for Matters

    Thank you Matthias. Yes we agree. We need to clarify regarding our internal affairs. Earlier today we addressed this to the ANOs in this post. Feel free to follow up with questions you have...
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    Thank you for setting up this poll @Colin Campbell . I like the efforts in this and I totally see your point in the energy a rebrand could bring. I am not entirely against the idea but I do belive it is risky. There is potential for both success and failure in such an endeavor. Like mentioned...
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    Vote Colin Campbell from Federate This Removed Standing for Matters

    Great Collin I'll be informing @Greg Forst that you are open to work with us on Twitter. He is administrating access to the account.
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    Vote Colin Campbell from Federate This Removed Standing for Matters

    We are certainly aware of the lack of marketing for the protocol at the moment. We are working on ways to improve the situation. We appreciate the concern and hopefully our work will be noticed in this area in the near future.
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    Vote Benjamin Dufty from The Factoid Authority Gave Standing for Matters

    Thank you Benjamin. I really like your approach to this. And thank you for support. We are currently building something that we believe will leverage our expertise like you mention.
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    Proposal: Efficiency Brackets

    Its a brilliant idea @David Chapman . I would say that like in any case where you change the incentives you tend to have a quite radical change in behavior. The motive behind this is proposal obviously create a positive and more engaged ANO behavior. But it needs to be seen in real life to know...
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    Vote Alex from Factoshi Gave Standing for Matters

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    Question for Matters from David Chapman

    @David Chapman thank you for your fundamental and relevant question. We will address all questions collectively in our ANO as we get to know the new system.
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    Process Discussion New Marketing Committee formation

    Thank you @Nic R . Yes, I am interested in participating in this working group.
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    Process Discussion New Marketing Committee formation

    Thank you Niels, personally I feel unsure about the current situation here and I am trying to get a better understanding with my colleagues to see where we stand. A working group for Marketing was started in the last call we had as a Marketing Committee, but it seems like we lost the thread on...
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    Matter of Fact company reincorporation announcement

    Thank you David, I uploaded and changed hour logo here.
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    Media Pack Update for Newly elected ANOs

    Don't worry Paul, Factom Inc. has already submitted their info. See in the PDF.