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    Factom 2.0: Breaking the Blockchain Barrier to Performance

    On the surface this is a balanced and reasonable approach, but I think it's incompatible with the nature of disruptive innovation. Let's say the rewrite takes 2 years, we table it for now, and in two years there is a compelling business case to move forward. Problem is, you're two years too...
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    Factom 2.0: Breaking the Blockchain Barrier to Performance

    Hi all, I've been away from the community for a while but have been checking back in based on the potential to integrate Factom with the startup I'm currently running. Reading the response to this proposal, I have to say, I'm surprised by the tepid response. I'm not an engineer so can't comment...
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    LayerTech Proposal to Improve Factom Governance

    @Xavier Chen as always, a very thoughtful and comprehensive proposal! With regards to guides leading committees, I 100% agree with the intent, but think there might be a better way. I would propose the same structure as you describe, but with anyone but guides being the chair. I think there...
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    Block Party Resignation

    Thanks everyone. While we won't be an ANO, that doesn't mean we'll stop being a member of the community. We will continue to monitor developments and look for ways to build applications which can leverage Factom, which we still believe, is one of the most significant and impactful projects in...
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    Block Party Resignation

    Factom community, This letter is to announce Block Party’s resignation as an Authority Node Operator. In order to ensure a smooth transition, we will work with the guides to make this resignation effective at whatever date and time they deem appropriate. We have always believed deeply in the...
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    Endorsement of Exchange Committee

    Block Party formally endorses the Factom Exchange Committee to engage in discussion and negotiation regarding new and continued FCT listings on behalf of the Factom protocol.
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    Committee Refactor Proposal

    Agreed on the points about a chairperson. I should clarify that I don't mean governance in the strict sense of something that is codified in the governance document. That definitely shouldn't stop us from moving forward with committees. I mean governance more in a loose sense of what the...
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    Committee Refactor Proposal

    I’m not sure making the committees broader is the right medicine. I think the problem is that we haven’t clearly defined their roles and responsibilities within the overall governance structure. For any committee to be effective, you have to define the desired inputs and outputs – i.e. what are...
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    Round 2: Potential Grant Solution - Town Hall Approach

    The Block Party team is 100% behind this approach. It's important to keep moving the ball down the field, and we think this is a great path forward.
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    I agree that we shouldn't eliminate the grant pool altogether. The right solution is probably somewhere in the middle on the mutualism vs individualism debate. On one hand, I've also been a bit concerned by the prevailing thinking that centralized planning is the best way to further the...
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    Authority Node Operator Committees

    I think we should combine legal & governance into one committee. Good governance isn't really about admin tasks, it's more about creating scalable and efficient structures to align everyone's interests. That intersects with legal, which defines what structure you're allowed to take. If we...
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    Got it, interesting. So the Auth Set could utilize these additional resources, not only for the election tool, but also for things like setting up the Foundation? If so, we could set an expectation for an amount in dollar terms that each member of the Auth Set is expected to contribute to one of...
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    Thanks for all the work on this, @MattO . Some really solid ideas here. Quick question - is there a specific reason why efficiency has to be set at 0% for the first couple months with this solution? Couldn't we just keep efficiency as pledged and let those resources accrue in the grant pool...
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    Block Party

    This is a great question. Creating a system that holds entities accountable for their progress will be essential to the success of the protocol. As we’ll be a private company, it won’t necessarily be to our advantage to disclose everything all the time, but we’re more than happy to be as open as...