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  1. Carl

    Factom Live API considerations

    Oh, that could be useful for identifying / alerting on slippage as well. Right?
  2. Carl

    Factom Live API considerations

    EC/FCT address balances, fo sho.
  3. Carl

    Factom Interoperability Specifications, request for comment

    As @Niels Klomp and I have discussed offline, I very much so support this effort. The learnings that those who build atop of the protocol gain should be shared as best-practices that, when followed, allow for interoperability. Thanks for leading this, @Niels Klomp.
  4. Carl Second Major Version

    @Julian Fletcher-Taylor I think part of this is not only a design decision but also an attempt to understand their visitors. One of the things that's very difficult to understand is who is coming to your website and why. Until you have that, you can't surface the most appropriate information...
  5. Carl Second Major Version

    To start, I want to thank everyone involved in contributing their time to build the protocol site. One thing you can rely on is that people will always underestimate the amount of effort that goes into doing so. With the above in mind, knowing that this is not a small undertaking and may not...
  6. Carl

    Organizations involved with the Factom Protocol

    I support this type of list, or "Directory" to be built. I think a slight adaptation of what was done for "companies using Elixir" here: Would be nice to have this built into the Factom Protocol website. Maybe 2 separate lists which can be filtered by tags...
  7. Carl

    Poll Vote on the future of the Strategy Committee

    @Ben Jeater and @David Chapman I apologize for my speed reading and missing that point.
  8. Carl

    Poll Vote on the future of the Strategy Committee

    Got it. I recommend a change to the text to make it clear, as: sounds like they are determining it as well. In this case, I agree disbanding an unused committee sounds appropriate. Again, this is just my personal opinion.
  9. Carl

    Poll Vote on the future of the Strategy Committee

    It is of my personal opinion that the strategy/roadmap should not be determined by the marketing committee. When people are looking to find resources from or communicate with members of the committee responsible for strategy, they will not think "Oh, Marketing, yeah! That's where I should look."...