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  1. David Kuiper

    ANO Resignation

    MyFactomWallet's hosting and maintenance will be transitioned to @The Factoid Authority. They own the domain and have been our partner in running the site. We will also be transferring ownership of the domain used by Open Node to @The Factoid Authority .
  2. David Kuiper

    ANO Resignation

    It's effective as soon as we are removed from the authority set, but you can make the change on the forum now if you want. Thanks
  3. David Kuiper

    ANO Resignation

    Factom Community, Bedrock Solutions is resigning as an Authority Node Operator. Over the past couple weeks we have had discussions with members of the community to ensure a smooth transition. Here are our immediate plans going forward: Work with the core committee to remove our leader from...
  4. David Kuiper

    Doc 005 - ANO Election and Demotion System - Change required

    Of the two options, I strongly feel we should go with option 2 and revert the changes that none of the standing parties knowingly voted on. Let's fix our mistake. This isn't to say I'm against those changes, I would still vote for them, but how they were ratified is not acceptable. How about we...
  5. David Kuiper

    Doc 005 - ANO Election and Demotion System - Change required

    Can we create a rule that all document modifications must be listed in the forum post or else those changes do not get ratified? It is a waste of time for all of us to compare every word in every document. It will be better if we only need to check the sections listed in the post.
  6. David Kuiper

    Proposal to trim ANO numbers

    A lot of people seem to think that removing inactive ANOs will turn around this protocol. While I support doing so, I'm really not convinced we will be much better off on the other side. We need to grow our community for this global protocol to be successful, and it seems to only be getting...
  7. David Kuiper

    Q1 2020 Update

    Bedrock Solutions is pleased to present our Q1 2020 ANO update for the Factom community. We hope everyone is healthy and staying safe during these unprecedented times. As the world takes action against COVID-19, Bedrock remains active and working from home. Project Updates MyFactomWallet We...
  8. David Kuiper

    MyFactomWallet Release

    Bedrock Solutions is excited to release the latest version of MyFactomWallet. Release Notes: Improvements Added capability to fetch latest Factom block as soon as it is ready Added additional form validation to reduce user...
  9. David Kuiper


    Bedrock will participate.
  10. David Kuiper

    Proposal to require ANOs to "check in" every two weeks during the global pandemic

    If an ANO wants to hide the fact that their critical personnel is missing/unavailable, they can do so with or without these check-ins. I don't think this solves the problem. The real issue is convincing ANOs who are in this situation to be honest about it. If an ANO says "Our server admin(s)...
  11. David Kuiper

    Proposal to allow ANOs to go down to one server if so desired

    FYI, @Steven Masley gave his thoughts about how this might affect the network in the previous discussion on this topic. We should also note that @BI Foundation already made the decision to go to one server in a previous update. I support allowing ANOs to voluntarily go down to one server...
  12. David Kuiper

    Vote David Chapman from Factomize Removed Standing for Bedrock Solutions

    Hi David, We appreciate the clarity in your scoring, and the feedback you provided. We have started to address some of the criteria in your scoring sheet and will keep you updated as we make improvements. While we are disappointed that we did not receive standing, we feel confident we can...
  13. David Kuiper

    Proposal to remove the Guide position

    Personally, I'm leaning towards voting to remove the Guide position. In many of the guide meetings, the "What I'm working on next week" often consisted of "Reviewing governance documents" or "Reviewing grant applications", something that every ANO has a responsibility to do anyways. This was not...
  14. David Kuiper

    Question for Bedrock Solutions from David Chapman

    Hi @David Chapman, While we hope Factom is resilient enough to survive the absence of any single ANO, we will answer in the spirit of the question. In the Factom ecosystem with limited resources, we believe development ANOs such as ourself are critical to Factom. To be frank, as you know, any...
  15. David Kuiper

    Question for Bedrock Solutions from Matt Osborne

    We have the same distinction in our updates. Anything that is not under a section named "Grants" should be considered part of our ANO efficiency contributions. This work is being done primarily by @Alex Goehring and myself. Between the two of us, we average working on MFW equal to a 1x FTE. I...
  16. David Kuiper

    Vote Colin Campbell from Federate This Removed Standing for Bedrock Solutions

    Hey @Colin Campbell, thanks for your question. As we stated in our last update, our ANO is currently prioritizing upgrades to MyFactomWallet. We believe this will provide the greatest value to the community in the near-term. You can verify we are making progress on Github...
  17. David Kuiper

    Question for Bedrock Solutions from Matt Osborne

    Hey @Matt Osborne. Thanks for the questions. 1. Our ANO updates provide a clear breakdown of our past grant and non-grant contributions, which you can find here At this time we are focusing on MyFactomWallet, which includes...
  18. David Kuiper

    ANO Standing System Beta Testing

    1. We call it "Company Updates" on the ANO pages. Thinking again, I think Company Updates is a better term in this location and we can leave it as-is. 4. All five were on Jan 22, 2020, before the beta started.
  19. David Kuiper

    ANO Standing System Beta Testing

    1. We call this "Contributions" here, but "Company Updates" elsewhere. Maybe it should be consistent. 2. I was logged out and able to submit the following question. 3. For the "Not Yet Voted" section, consider having one...