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  1. David Kuiper

    ANO Resignation

    Factom Community, Bedrock Solutions is resigning as an Authority Node Operator. Over the past couple weeks we have had discussions with members of the community to ensure a smooth transition. Here are our immediate plans going forward: Work with the core committee to remove our leader from...
  2. David Kuiper

    Q1 2020 Update

    Bedrock Solutions is pleased to present our Q1 2020 ANO update for the Factom community. We hope everyone is healthy and staying safe during these unprecedented times. As the world takes action against COVID-19, Bedrock remains active and working from home. Project Updates MyFactomWallet We...
  3. David Kuiper

    MyFactomWallet Release

    Bedrock Solutions is excited to release the latest version of MyFactomWallet. Release Notes: Improvements Added capability to fetch latest Factom block as soon as it is ready Added additional form validation to reduce user...
  4. David Kuiper

    End of 2019 Update

    Bedrock Solutions is pleased to post our ANO update. This will cover many of our activities since our last update in June, as well as our plans going forward. Project Updates MyFactomWallet MyFactomWallet is a free, open-source, web-based Factom wallet. MFW has the lowest barrier of entry for...
  5. David Kuiper

    Efficiency Update

    Bedrock Solutions is lowering its efficiency to 50% to better reflect our ongoing commitment to open source development on top of the Factom Protocol.
  6. David Kuiper

    Major ANO Update

    Bedrock Solutions LLC is excited to present our first major Authority Node Operator (ANO) update. We have come a long way since being onboarded into the Factom Authority Set in October 2018. The Factom community is full of brilliant people and hard working companies, and our experience as an ANO...
  7. David Kuiper

    Bedrock Solutions: Initial Pledges

    ----------------------------------- ORIGINAL PLEDGES START ----------------------------------- -OTHER --Pure infrastructure ANO --Infrastructure will be released to the community as an open source "infrastructure as code" framework --Collaborate with other ANOs to determine best practices and...