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    Council election 2021-1

    All, this was announced across Discord and on Reddit on Saturday and tweeted as well. But an omission on my part was to actually create a post on the community forum as well. That is now done. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    Priorities for the Factom Protocol

    After @Niels Klomp has recommended several times to try to get alignment of priorities of the community, I thought I would get the ball going. So the idea is this: Everyone can write up a prioritized list of things that they would like to focus development on the next 12 months. Let us focus on...
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    Organizations involved with the Factom Protocol

    Someone suggested at Discord that Paul could provide a list of any organization involved with Factom and it was suggested that the community would probably be quite capable of creating such a list. So let us have a go at it! I will include any organizatith that has had something to do with the...