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  1. Anton Ilzheev

    Share FCT inflation with token holders via WFCT staking

    Hello everyone! As many of you know, Exchange Committee is working on FCT staking application. This major discussion is to determine how much FCT will be allocated as staking rewards. Please read carefully We developed a prototype of staking pools using Ethereum smart contracts and Web3 dApp...
  2. Anton Ilzheev

    Funded [Exchange Working Group-1] Uniswap pool liquidity

    Executive Summary Exchange WG seeks for the non-liquidation grant to seed the liquidity into WFCT-USDC pool on Uniswap. ANO / Committee Group: Exchange Working Group FCT address: FA2KfBT5kVd9PgecJmaowtLfoYwWx8pWC3SwvVAcPykigyGBsvNW FCT: 125000 Total FCT Requested 125000 Start Date 2021-09-01...
  3. Anton Ilzheev

    Funded [PaulSnow-De Facto-4] Factom Oracle Master

    Executive Summary The Oracle Master maintains Exchange rates for FCT to Entry Credits Previous Grants
  4. Anton Ilzheev

    Funded [Website Committee-4] Website Committee grant

    Executive Summary Website Committee seeks for a grant to reimburse expenses. Previous Grants
  5. Anton Ilzheev

    Funded [De Facto-The Factoid Authority-10] Factom Open Node

    Executive Summary We're requesting a grant for continuity of operating load-balanced Open Node hosted at Previous Grants
  6. Anton Ilzheev

    [Open DLT SL] Anton Ilzheev

    Hello community, this is my application for General Seat Council position through my recently founded EU company. Background I have been working in business, web and blockchain development within past 15 years. Past 3 years, starting from February 2018 (6 months before elected as ANO), I have...
  7. Anton Ilzheev

    Anchoring requirements

    Factom needs a flexible means of anchoring to other blockchains. This should allow for Anchoring to be done by any of a set of Identities. Payments for Anchoring should be settled from the blockchain periodically. As a part of Anchor Rework grant we post the Anchoring Requirements document here...
  8. Anton Ilzheev

    Council compensation ceiling

    Following ratification of Doc 008, Section 3.3.4 states that: This is a minor discussion topic to do just that. Please use the discussion period to state your preferences on the following: 1. What is the ceiling for council member compensation per month? 2. How often should Standing Parties...
  9. Anton Ilzheev

    Amendment Demotion threshold increase (Doc 005)

    Hello, this is updated Doc 005 ANO Promotion and Demotion System: Why? The current ANO Standing Party showed that it can hardly remove inactive ANOs, when there is a high-ratio of inactive ANOs. We propose to...
  10. Anton Ilzheev

    Q3 2020 Report

    Hello, community! There is our report for Q3 2020. -- Factom Realtime Explorer Multiple updates of explorer were developed and released within past quarter. Summary of all updates: v0.7.6 Factoid Rich List Added FCT Rich List —...
  11. Anton Ilzheev

    Separate grant tracking threads for Anchor and Oracle master grants

    In title: I suggest to create separate grant tracking threads for Anchor Master and Oracle Master grants, so there will be 3 grant tracking threads for this combined grant...
  12. Anton Ilzheev

    21M FCT Hard cap

    I have modelled FCT inflation with hard cap 21,000,000 FCT: The inflation limit mechanism used: 1) 21 mln FCT hard cap 2) X% of remaining tokens (hard cap — circ. supply) are issued as ANO...
  13. Anton Ilzheev

    FPoS workgroup formation

    I would like to form the workgroup of 5-8 people to work through Federated Proof-of-Stake model — both technical implementation and integration with ongoing Governance update proposal.–-federated-proof-of-stake.5232/ We need in the workgroup: At...
  14. Anton Ilzheev

    Website Committee — Forum Transition Update

    Website Committee finished the transition of Factom Protocol Forum. Here is the summary of our work: Forum has been transferred to the new server under Website Committee control DBGrow owns the domain name De Facto administers the server Fillip has a developer access to forum files, database...
  15. Anton Ilzheev

    FPoS – Federated Proof-of-Stake

    The group of Factom Authority Node Operators (including BIF, De Facto, Factoshi, Go Immutable, VBIF) proposes FPoS (Federated Proof-of-Stake) model. This thread is for open discussion of FPoS with ANOs and community holders. There are no timelines for discussion and no polls will follow it. --...
  16. Anton Ilzheev

    Q2 2020 Report

    Hello, community! There is our report for Q2 2020. -- Factom Realtime Explorer De Facto released the first real-time explorer for Factom Protocol: Press release: Highlights of developed functions...
  17. Anton Ilzheev

    Q1 2020 Report

    Hello, community! There is our report for Q1 2020. -- Factom® PRO We continue working hard on our BaaS platform: After receiving positive feedback from the Ministry of Economy and Business of Spain, I decided to relocate Factom PRO to the EU. It gives us direct access to European markets and...
  18. Anton Ilzheev

    Q4 2019 Report

    Hello community! There is our report for Q4 2019. -- Factom® PRO The first major update released: our API server caches the entire blockchain, so Factom® PRO users can work with all chains and entries in the entire blockchain and read and search data in all chains within milliseconds...
  19. Anton Ilzheev

    Proposal Grant system rework

    Hello everyone! I want to discuss an idea of reworking our grant system design. -- It's preliminary discussion of new grant system design. Just to understand what other parties think about it. If we feel it's better, we will work it though via formal governance procedures. -- With new system I...
  20. Anton Ilzheev

    Should "[LAYERTECH-002] Core Code Development Grant" go up for final determination?

    This is a minor discussion to decide whether the grant "[LAYERTECH-002] Core Code Development Grant" should be put to the Standing Parties for final determination. This thread has been started in line with Doc 106 section 2.1.1. Please see the grant update thread for context on this minor...