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  1. TroyWiipongwii

    [WiiCollaborate LLC] Troy Wiipongwii (Updated)

    This is an update as promised. About Me: I am Troy Wiipongwii. I have an eclectic academic and professional background. I have a bachelor's in mathematics, a masters in public policy and statistics...
  2. TroyWiipongwii

    Governance Paper Working Draft

    Hey All, My apologies for not posting this sooner. I circulated the Governance paper I drafted to some of you and got great feedback. As a reminder this paper was not meant to offer in tokenomics or governance changes. It uses a theoretical framework which with a high level of predictability...
  3. TroyWiipongwii

    Blockchain and the Courts in Kazakhstan (Promoting Factom)

    Greetings Factom Community, I hope you all are well. I am writing this thread to get some support within the ecosystem on an exciting event, that I know will be beneficial for promoting the Factom Protocol. Ingo Keilitz and I were invited to present on blockchain and court administration at...