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  1. Greg Forst

    Update from Greg Forst - Marketing Committee Chair

    Hi @everyone , First, Happy Holidays to everyone! It has been a crazy year for the community. I wanted to give an update on my role going forward in the Marketing Working Group (previously known as the Marketing Committee). I will still be involved in the working group, but will not be able to...
  2. Greg Forst

    Marketing Committee Roadmap Presentation - April 18

    All, The marketing committee will be presenting the 2019 Marketing Roadmap on April 18 at 20 UTC. Meeting details are below. Please attend if you can. The meeting will be recorded and posted after as well. There will be Q/A in addition to the presentation. Topic: Marketing Committee...
  3. Greg Forst

    New Marketing Committee Chair

    Factom Community, This is my formal announcement of being elected the new chair of the marketing committee. As we all know, ramping-up marketing is crucial to our success. I look forward to spearheading those efforts and am excited about my new role. Below, you will find much of the...
  4. Greg Forst

    Enterprise Level Client with Question

    a member of our team recently had a discussion with one of their enterprise level clients in the logistics and manufacturing space (can't be named at this time but have been in the news for blockchain) and this was their concern with Factom- "if Factom takes off and other higher value...
  5. Greg Forst

    Go Immutable

    Our thread