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  1. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Canonical Ledgers Resignation

    Canonical Ledgers has decided to resign as a Factom Authority Node Operator. We are unable to contribute as much to the protocol as we would like and with the closure of VCC to US customers it will become increasingly difficult for us to liquidate FCT in order to pay business bills such as...
  2. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Amendment Doc 005 - ANO Election and Demotion System - Version 1.1

    Factom Community, I am putting a new version of Doc 005 up for ratification to remove ambiguity in what happens to a Standing Party's support-votes when they are removed, replaced or resign. I've implemented Paul Snow's excellent suggestions from this thread verbatim (with one minor grammatical...
  3. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Guide Pay Review

    We missed reviewing Guide Pay in December and there isn't time for a major discussion followed by a poll if we're going to put a grant in for Guide compensation this round. I'm putting up a poll with the same options as last time. The vote was unanimous last time but I'm leaving one of the...
  4. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Should "[SPHEREON-004] Integration of DAML with the Factom® protocol" go up for final determination?

    This is a minor discussion to decide whether the grant [SPHEREON-004] Integration of DAML with the Factom® protocol should be put to the standing parties for final determination. This thread has been started in line with Doc 106 section 2.1.1. The grant was previously given a one month...
  5. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Q4 2019 Report

    Factom Community, Please find our 2019 Q4 report here: Let us know if you have any questions.
  6. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Q3 2019 Report

    Please find our third quarter report here:
  7. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Guide Pay Review Poll: September 2019

    I forgot to add the poll to the discussion before it closed so I'm opening it here. If you didn't participate in the discussion, please review it here before voting.
  8. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Next Grant Round and Overdue Grants

    I've been looking through the Grant Tracking threads and it's apparent that we have a LOT of overdue grants at this point. There are something like 10 overdue grants from 2019 Grant Round 2 (two rounds ago) and at least one from 2019 Grant Round 1 (three rounds ago) and a number from the most...
  9. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Guide Pay Review: September 2019

    We're overdue in reviewing and voting on Guide pay so I volunteered to facilitate this process. See this thread for the previous discussion and vote. The pay period under review starts on 2019-09-07 (September 7th), not this month, as we are a month late on our review. So far, the terms of...
  10. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Q2 2019 Report

    See our Q2 report:
  11. Samuel Vanderwaal

    New Interim Chair of the Exchange Committee

    Julian Fletcher-Taylor from DBGrow has stepped up to serve as the Exchange Committee's Interim Chair to help bridge the gap in collaborating with the various involved entities including the Legal Research Working Group, exchanges, and other outside entities. He has been confirmed unanimously by...
  12. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Short Statement from Exchange Committee on Bittrex User Geofencing

    The Exchange Committee is acutely aware of the concerns and issues raised for the protocol by the discontinuing of FCT trading on Bittrex for US customers. Even though we have not communicated much recently to the community, we have continued to work behind the scenes to push forward FCT...
  13. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Q1 2019 Report

    See our Q1 report:
  14. Samuel Vanderwaal

    2019 Factom Protocol Guide Election

    Voting rules: There are five open Guide positions You may vote for as many or as few candidates as you wish Once submitted you cannot change your vote(s) The five Guides with the most votes will be elected Candidates are listed alphabetically by entity name and the entity representative is in...
  15. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Governance and Process Schedule

    The Guides have been working on getting ahead of the game by scheduling important upcoming process discussions, ratifications and other events such as Grant Rounds. You can see the working schedule here. The schedule will be "living" in that it may be updated to shift things about slightly for...
  16. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Core Development Grants Coordination

    @BI Foundation @Factomize @LayerTech @Factom Inc. We have four different entities requesting funding for core development, which I think is fantastic, as that should be our highest priority currently as a community. However, I'm somewhat concerned about the approach of throwing money at a lot...
  17. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Binance Application In Progress

    Community, The Exchange Committee is happy to announce that we have submitted an application for listing with Binance. Originally, we couldn't submit because we were lacking a key requirement of the listing process. Fortunately for us, David Chapman tends to obsess over anything and everything...
  18. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Temporary Governance Research Groups

    Our governance process tends to be slow and bureaucratic and it's difficult to know where to draw the line between getting things done and ensuring all voices have a chance to be heard. Here are a list of problems I've noticed in our governance processes followed by a potential solution I...
  19. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Resignation as Chair of the Exchange Committee

    I have resigned as the Chair of the Exchange Committee. In the coming year I will have more obligations to my ANO company and will not have the bandwidth to put what I consider a sufficient amount of time into chairing the committee. In addition, I do not feel I have the best background for the...
  20. Samuel Vanderwaal

    Ratified Doc 153 - Grants - 2019-01

    This discussion is for the document that governs the upcoming grant round. Due to significant disagreements in the community and time constraints for this round we're not making a lot of big changes to the grant process from the previous round. Currently, the only major change in the document is...