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  1. Ben Jeater

    BuildingIM leaving the Factom Protocol Authority Set

    Due to significant differences in vision between the directors of BuildingIM Ltd, it has been decided that the company will be dissolved after one year of operation (2nd May 2019). On this date, the company will cease to be a Factom Protocol ANO and all servers will be turned off. The...
  2. Ben Jeater

    Construction Blockchain Consultancy (CBC) Ltd

    Legal Entity Name: Construction Blockchain Consultancy (CBC) Ltd Natural Person: Ben Jeater Thank you for taking the time to consider my application for the role of Factom Protocol Guide (2019-20). I have been part of the Factom community for around a year now, and in that time I have tried...
  3. Ben Jeater

    Factom Protocol Verified on Binance

    Great news, everyone! We've been accepted for verified status on Binance (but it's not live yet). Binance will verify us once we have updated the page to a point we are happy with. The current sections that need input from the community are...
  4. Ben Jeater

    Speaking Opportunity: Block Hedge 2nd Annual Edition in Thailand

    Hi Everyone, There is another conference opportunity for a speaker to join one or two panels on FINTECH in Thailand at the end of March (29th). There are 4 panels that the organisers have spaces on and would like to know if anyone from the Factom Protocol would...
  5. Ben Jeater

    BuildingIM: November update

    -OUTREACH BuildingIM has been in contact with a large multinational manufacturer who is currently using two other blockchain protocols for their development works. They have found both to be difficult to use. We have suggested that Factom might be a better solution and have built a very small...
  6. Ben Jeater

    BuildingIM: Update on Initial pledges

    -DEVELOPMENT So far, we have built up the demonstration version of the CWS platform which we showed to the community. We have been constrained by the low liquidity in the FCT market and therefore have had to resort to coding the platform ourselves rather than paying external devs. So far all...
  7. Ben Jeater

    Timed Discussion on purpose of Strategy Committee

    This is a timed discussion to define the purpose of the strategy committee. There will be no vote at the conclusion of the discussion, but another thread with a poll will be created once the discussion has been concluded.
  8. Ben Jeater

    Poll Proposal to merge Developer Relations and Marketing Committee

    Hello everyone, There is a motion on the table from last nights meeting (2018-11-01 19:00 UTC) that is to merge the developer relations committee with the marketing committee. Please vote on this proposal using the voting buttons above this post.
  9. Ben Jeater

    Poll 2018-11-01 - Approval of Committee Reports

    This is the vote to approve the monthly committee reports.
  10. Ben Jeater

    Factom Marketing in 2019

    Hey community, Ben here, marketing committee chair! I know you're all very interested in how the Factom Protocol is going to become a household name in the future, and so are we. That is why I am asking for your help. What are your ideas to get Factom from where we are now to a name that the...
  11. Ben Jeater


    I have been thinking a lot about the grant pool the last few days; I've come up with yet another solution (sorry) . What if the first funded project by all the operators was a kickstarter-like website? The website would have a weekly + monthly + quarterly payout of FCT from the grant pool and...
  12. Ben Jeater

    Factom Logo Branding (Trustpilot-like)

    Hi everyone, The BuildingIM team were talking about how to integrate information about Factom onto our website and marketing literature last night. We hit on an idea to use the Factom logo like Trustpilot use their logo, and adding the text "Secured with Factom' or something similar? The...
  13. Ben Jeater

    Building Innovation Management

    Hello, This is the thread for the Building Innovation Management (BIM) Authority Node Application. The BIM application is not yet submitted. We will update this thread once our application is submitted.