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  1. David Chapman


    Due to the pandemic and outlook, Factomize is doing the following for the foreseeable future: 1. We are going down to one server at 100% efficiency meaning we will accept no FCT. We have reached out to @Brian Deery to decommission that server properly. 2. We will be offering the forum up for...
  2. David Chapman

    Proposal to require ANOs to "check in" every two weeks during the global pandemic

    We need to act proactively to ensure the Factom Protocol weathers the current health and economic issues faced by the world. We must reduce risk and plan for the worst while hoping for the best. I propose the following if this measure passes with 60%: 1. Every two weeks, a thread is created...
  3. David Chapman

    Proposal to allow ANOs to resign and receive 5,000 FCT

    We need to act proactively and allow the Factom Protocol to weather the current health and economic issues faced by the world and come out stronger on the other side. I propose the following if this measure passes with 60%: 1. If this measure passes, a thread will be created that allows ANOs to...
  4. David Chapman

    Proposal to allow ANOs to go down to one server if so desired

    We need to act proactively and allow ANOs to implement cost saving measures that will allow the Factom Protocol to weather the current health and economic issues faced by the world. I propose that ANOs be allowed to go down to one Authority Node if 60% of ANOs vote to pass this measure. They...
  5. David Chapman

    Proposal to remove the Guide position

    EDIT - I have performed a governance audit and believe the following is what would need to be done to remove the Guide position: Per Section 2 of Doc 001, With the resignation of Tor, possible...
  6. David Chapman

    The future of the Daily Update email system

    The Standing Parties chose not to fund Cody's work of adding Discord screenshots to the Daily Update. As a result, we currently have it turned off. Now, the Daily Update email does have additional functionality such as reporting of threads and votes in this forum as well as some reddit posts...
  7. David Chapman

    Removal: DBGrow (Guide) Represented by Nic Robinette

    Per Doc 100, this thread is for discussion and subsequent vote to determine if the Guide DBGrow represented by Nic Robinette should be removed from their position. The following ANOs have agreed they wish to be part of the 10%+ of ANOs necessary to initiate this removal. Factomize Factomatic...
  8. David Chapman

    Factomize has lowered its efficiency to 0%

    We're going to be working on some additional dev projects. Edit 02/21 Factomize will be working on a variety of governance related projects. For a long time, we've wanted to improve governance efficiency and transparency but other priorities were coming first. We're at a point now where...
  9. David Chapman

    Proposal: Efficiency Brackets

    In this thread, @Mike Buckingham and @Saul Schwartzbach bring up the idea of "Efficiency Brackets" and I think the general idea is a great one. There are a lot of different topics under discussion in that thread so I wanted to separate out the idea of Efficiency Brackets and iterate upon it so...
  10. David Chapman

    Just a test

    @Factoshi, Hi.
  11. David Chapman

    ANO Standing System Feedback and Questions

    This thread is dedicated to ANO Standing System questions and feedback. We welcome suggestions for improvement and appreciate you reporting any bugs you find.
  12. David Chapman

    Q4 Report

    During most of Q4, we operated at 40% efficiency. Primary Non-grant related work - Developed which became a critical website for PegNet. PNMC costs have gone into the 5 figures. - Write the monthly newsletter. - Contribute to the Daily Update. - Operate the Factomize forum...
  13. David Chapman

    ANO Standing System Beta Testing

    Thank you so much to the following people for beta testing the ANO Standing System: @Alex @Alistair McLeay @Anton Ilzheev @Benjamin Dufty @CryptoLogic @David Kuiper @Flying_Viking @Keith Pincombe @Michael Lam @Mike Buckingham @Nate Miller @Paul Bernier @Samuel Vanderwaal @Tor Paulsen @Valentin...
  14. David Chapman

    ANO Standing System Beta 1 - Volunteers needed!

    Factomize was awarded a grant last round to build an ANO Standing System where ANOs and Candidate ANOs are voted upon by Standing Parties to maintain, promote, or demote them. We will be ready to begin the open beta test on Monday the 27th and need as many volunteers as possible. We need...
  15. David Chapman

    Should ANOs go down to one server?

    This is a Major Discussion and poll to determine if ANOs should go down to one server (Inc would run two, with one at 100% so that there remains an odd number). If this poll passes, it is agreed that: 1. ANOs will remove their additional server within 7 days of the final vote. 2. Guides will...
  16. David Chapman

    Should "[Marketing Committee-2] Rebranding Services" go up for final determination?

    This is a minor discussion to decide whether the grant "[Marketing Committee-2] Rebranding Services" should be put to the Standing Parties for final determination. This thread has been started in line with Doc 106 section 2.1.1. Please see the grant update thread for context on this minor...
  17. David Chapman

    Q3 Report

    Q3 was full of frustration and accomplishment and I'm going to keep this very short and just share the major points. - Much of our work revolved around PegNet and we feel we played a critical role in its successful launch. From conference calls with API providers, to marketing, to core...
  18. David Chapman

    How do you change the directory or drive for factomd data?

    Factomd requires upwards of 100gb of space as the entire blockchain is downloaded. If you want that data in a different directory or drive, you can run factomd with the --factomhome="path goes here" flag.
  19. David Chapman

    What is PegNet and how does it related to Factom?

    PegNet is a stablecoin network that creates the foundation for decentralized finance. It is a layer 2 solution built on top of the Factom Protocol and one of the onramps into PegNet is converting FCT to pFCT (which destroys the FCT). All transactions and conversions and mining use EC as well...
  20. David Chapman

    FCT Holder Candidates for the Website Committee

    The Website Committee's FCT Holder recently needed to step down for personal reasons. This thread seeks new FCT Holder candidates that are not affiliated with an ANO who would like to be a part of the website Committee. Per Doc 004: If you are a FCT Holder who would like to volunteer...