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  1. Matt Whittington

    ANO Application

    Strange. I will have to revisit that questionnaire. We are aiming for 1 testnet server. We haven't brought up our Authority servers yet. These servers are to be run out of operating funds. Those funds are finally becoming available, but we decided not to bring the servers up until the...
  2. Matt Whittington

    ANO Application

    Understandable Paul. As strange as it might be from me in this case, I think disagreement is healthy. I hope you change your standing support when we come online.
  3. Matt Whittington

    Vote Alex from Factoshi Gave Standing for Innovative Secured Connection (ISC)

    Will do. I am setting up a test node (again) before stepping to the prod authority node. I expect to go through the process a few times on the test server before I send the Testnet Authority Node application. I had authority Testnet servers back when Milestone 3 was new. When I am...
  4. Matt Whittington

    ANO Application

    Hello Alex, I can easily say a year, but that is only because you are asking for something specific. One of the primary purposes of applying is that we want Factoids to burn for entry credits. I know I could personally contact someone in discord and do a private transaction, but ideally, we...
  5. Matt Whittington

    ANO Application

    Any questions for us are welcome.
  6. Matt Whittington

    Vote PaulSnow from Factom Inc Gave Standing for Innovative Secured Connection (ISC)

    Thank you, Paul! Good to hear from you again.
  7. Matt Whittington

    ANO Application

    This is the initial application for Innovative Secured Connection (ISC) and they will use this area for updating the Standing Parties regarding their contributions to the Factom ecosystem. The following are their answers to the application questions: Provide an overview of your entity or...
  8. Matt Whittington

    Priorities for the Factom Protocol

    I would like to see sharding so I can ignore all of the pegnet data or values put into the early Factomize Everything project.