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  1. Benjamin Dufty

    TFA Q3 Quarterly Report

    Hi all, Please find our Q3 report here
  2. Benjamin Dufty

    ANO Resignation

    (y) All the best David, Alex, & Jay. Thanks for all you've done, and hope to still see you around in some capacity
  3. Benjamin Dufty

    TFA's Q1 and Q2 2020 report is available

    We missed our Q1 report as we were busy with a comprehensive application, so we have rolled Q1 and Q2 together. Please find our report here.
  4. Benjamin Dufty

    ANO Strategic Alignment

    The best way to accelerate enterprise usage is to build the community first. This has always been Factom's problem and the reason why projects like Ethereum left it for dust. I remember suggesting staking at the turn of M3, which was quickly shot down with legal concerns cited by a couple of...
  5. Benjamin Dufty

    Colleagues, not competitors.

    I'll be very open to any ideas related to re-centralizing efforts. I think it's been an interesting experiment, but now we're seeing some major road blocks due to indecisiveness and lack of direction.
  6. Benjamin Dufty

    Proposal to allow ANOs to resign and receive 5,000 FCT

    Is there any interest from anyone to take it?
  7. Benjamin Dufty

    Implementing change to the Guides as Standing Parties

    Thank you for putting the spreadsheet together @Niels Klomp and others who have contributed. This quite nicely sums up the necessary changes. Agree with Mike's points and I think to some extent all those objectives are at least secondary. I think the first three stand out the most to me...
  8. Benjamin Dufty

    Amendment DOC 002 administration of governance- and community documents

    Thanks @Crypto Logic. TFA will support this change.
  9. Benjamin Dufty

    Question for DBGrow from Alex

    While giving standing for DBGrow, TFA asked the following – It may have been missed, so it seems a good place to ask it again here and look for some more specifics. - An important endeavor for the protocol that the community has been very supportive of but as far as we’re aware this has been...
  10. Benjamin Dufty

    The future of the Daily Update email system

    Agree. If cost is zero/negligible then I would vote to keep it as is at the very least. I personally find the forum reporting stuff quite useful
  11. Benjamin Dufty

    Question for The Factoid Authority from Colin Campbell

    Hi Colin, These are loaded questions, but we will try our best to answer them. Are you able to take part in a relaunch of the protocol under a new name? This assumes that consensus has been reached to do a rebrand – we have our own opinions on the effectiveness of a rebrand in the protocol’s...
  12. Benjamin Dufty

    Question for LayerTech from Benjamin Dufty

    Thanks for chiming in Shuang – we very much appreciate all the legal work you’ve done for the protocol. Thanks for sticking around 😊
  13. Benjamin Dufty

    Question for LayerTech from Benjamin Dufty

    Thanks Xavier. That’s a very decent response to Anton, and with that we are more than happy to support LayerTech. Hope you realize where we are coming from - it's difficult to assess performance with no updates for almost a year - but it sounds like you have some exciting stuff in the pipelines...
  14. Benjamin Dufty

    Proposal: Objective ANO Performance Metrics and Efficiency Guidelines

    Thanks for the proposal. I like the idea of more objectiveness to assess ANOs and I think you've highlighted some good criteria. I agree with Tor, practically the best way forward is to tie it into the ANO expectation document. Collecting the data is an interesting problem - but for example...
  15. Benjamin Dufty

    Vote Benjamin Dufty from The Factoid Authority Gave Standing for HashnStore

    Hi Matthias, Thank you for the requested info, that's really great to see and I finally got to put my 4th form French into practice. :giggle:
  16. Benjamin Dufty

    Question for The Factoid Authority from David Chapman

    Thank you for the question, David. Without trying to overstate our importance or over-promise anything, we can quite honestly say that if we left the ecosystem right now it would materially impact Factom’s chance of success. To validate our answer, we point to the grant work we’re doing with the...
  17. Benjamin Dufty

    ANO Standing System Beta Testing

    I have amended support after Tor's initial vote. Seems to have worked well
  18. Benjamin Dufty

    ANO Standing System Beta Testing

    That screenshot above came from clicking on the Standing %. Unless I'm missing something? When I say tally I mean more like a table containing two columns - "support" and "no support" - with the ANOs populating them as chips so ANOs can quickly assess which ANOs support or don't support
  19. Benjamin Dufty

    ANO Standing System Beta Testing

    Suggestion - How about a tally of which ANOs support and which don't added to this screen under the first div/card