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  1. Matthias Fortin

    ANO Application

    Hi Hinamatsuri, Yes we have seen it and we are temporising while the Director/Niels is performing his analysis of the current state of the protocol and defining the next protocol priorities.
  2. Matthias Fortin

    Nathan Miller - Domain Technologies LLC

    Thanks Nate for submitting your candidacy. You have been the testnet administrator for more than 1 year which is an accomplishment by itself ! I would like to get more information on the value you could bring to the protocol through this new council position. 1. Based on your profile which...
  3. Matthias Fortin

    [Open DLT SL] Anton Ilzheev

    Thanks Anton for submitting your candidacy. You have been a strong believer in the Factom protocol and you have invested a lot of energy within the community on several initiatives. I would like to get more information on the value you could bring to the protocol through this new council...
  4. Matthias Fortin

    [Emergo Management BV] Wesley Broekhoven

    I just can confirm Alex's opinion. I got the opportunity to see Wesley working within the GWG. He has the skills and the personnality for such a position. It is going to be hard to find a better profile within the community at this time. HashnStore fully supports his candidacy.
  5. Matthias Fortin

    [Sphereon BV] Niels Klomp

    Hi Niels, Thanks for submitting your candidacy. You gather a lot of skills and experience which makes your candidacy very appealing (even in absolute terms / not considering it is the only one :) ) Please find below some questions and comments. I have tried as much as possible to avoid any...
  6. Matthias Fortin

    Amendment Batched Amendment - Strategy and Resource Director Proposal

    I think we have far more suffered from a lack of focus and cooperation than from decentralized governance. We did not have a roadmap but were still spending resources in several directions. Moreover a limited team gathering several competences is not really what we have experienced so far, but...
  7. Matthias Fortin

    Proposed Factom Objectives

    I do think too this is positive. It simply states what we are currently working on and starts to showcase our ambition as a protocol. This is a first good iteration to initiate a positive dynamic. I do not see how that could be bad. Any new leadership structure could help...
  8. Matthias Fortin

    Factom leadership and decision making vote

    I personally think this thread asks for the crucial question that we need to answer before detailing a governance proposal. It clarifies the direction we want to follow and saves us time by avoiding sterile debates. If you want what you just described you need to vote YES and then choose the...
  9. Matthias Fortin

    Factom Road Map - Draft for Review, Discussion, and Refinement

    First of all, thank you so much Jason for leading this massive effort. I will need some more time to review it completely and provide a comprehensive feedback but here are my first comments. 1. We should clarify our common vision for our protocol. There are some elements in it but we need to...
  10. Matthias Fortin

    Vote Matthias Fortin from HashnStore Removed Standing for CryptoLogic

    (typo : "to 20%", not 0% ; does not change the conclusion)
  11. Matthias Fortin

    HashnStore : Q2-Q3 2020 Intermediary Update

    (Here is a quick intermediary update before our Q3 Update next month) We are pleased to announce that we have put online the commercial version of our platform, Validity. The Validity platform hosts 3 services for now . The commercial launch and announcement will take place in the next weeks...
  12. Matthias Fortin

    Governance Implementation Group

    Hi, Maybe a bit late (sorry I am currently on holidays) but I would like to volunteer. A bit stretched too but happy to contribute for implementing this new governance process.
  13. Matthias Fortin

    Non-Profit Organisation

    Just found it. The spreadsheet is in this thread: (See Google doc link)
  14. Matthias Fortin

    Non-Profit Organisation

    Most of this work has already been performed by the Legal working group. If I remember correctly, there is a spreadsheet listing a dozen of potential places for such organizations, with a list of the advantages and the drawbacks. We could start by going through this list. I am sure @Matt Osborne...
  15. Matthias Fortin

    Factom Governance Improvement Proposal

    [caveat : I have tried to go through all the messages before posting this - in advance, sorry if some answers have already been brought to the questions below] Let me start first by a big thank you to all of you guys to bring this proposal on the table. It brings back optimism to all of us and...
  16. Matthias Fortin

    Vote Jason Gregoire from Kompendium Removed Standing for HashnStore

    Hi @Jason Gregoire , We have just published our update here: Hope this helps. Feel free to ask us questions.
  17. Matthias Fortin

    HashnStore: Q2 2020 Update

    Here is our Update for Q2 2020. ECE Courses S1 2020 As a reminder, we gave an introduction course of 15 hrs to 100 students in a computer science engineering school the first quarter. The course was split between a theoretical part and a practical part. During this practical session, we have...
  18. Matthias Fortin

    Doc 005 - ANO Election and Demotion System - Change required

    It makes me feel like we are dealing with the traditional "Spirit" VS "Letter" of the law debate. I am clearly on the side of the "Spirit". As said by Miguel it would set a bad precedent. Let us discourage any future legislative Trojan Horse wether voluntary or not. So I am more inclined to...
  19. Matthias Fortin

    HashnStore: Q1 2020 Update

    It was initially in French as we designed it for a French audience. We have translated it a bit quickly just for the update :)
  20. Matthias Fortin

    Vote Michael Lam from Factable Solutions Removed Standing for HashnStore

    Hi Michael, As promised, here is our last update: Matthias