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  1. Mitchell Berry

    Doc 107

    Proposing a change to section 4.2 Changing both Grant round announcement by guides and Grant application discussion period starts to 80 days. Draft is here: Original...
  2. Mitchell Berry

    Early Grants

    Is there anyway to submit grant proposals for the next grant round so that interested parties have more time to analyse the content and the future implications of the work being done? Struggling with the reasoning behind restricting it all to a certain window, I'd be interested in hearing the...
  3. Mitchell Berry

    Withdrawn Evident Technologies

    Hello all, I'm Mitchell Berry representing Evident Technologies applying as a Development ANO in the third round of applications. Have been participating in Factom over the years building API clients, participating in the M2 and M3 testnets and generally raising issues where possible. We'd...
  4. Mitchell Berry

    Evident Technologies

    Hello, ask me anything