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Xavier Chen

LayerTech prefers a day reserved for ANO only summit on Friday. As part of the agenda, we believe there should be:

1. Social Meet & Greet for ANOs (morning)
2. Breakout sessions focusing on different part of the protocol (Business Development, Core Code, Marketing Efforts, Legal, etc)
3. Educational workshops run by ANOs to lend our strengths (Business focus ANO do workshop on getting new clients, development ANO give workshop to bring business ANOs up to speed, etc)
4. Group Meeting (Monthly ANO meeting)
5. Committee Meetings (can be combined with breakout sessions)
6. BBQ/Social wrap up (evening)

If the schedule is too tight to organize something like this, I would rather postpone the Oct. date. It takes a lot of resources for ANOs to fly in for the summit and we should make it worthwhile.
Factomize prefers a Friday retreat as well.

For the Friday summit I suspect we'd need to find a venue other than where the Texas Bitcoin Conference is being held (though we can certainly call and ask). As there won't be *that* many of us, I think it's viable on this short notice and shouldn't be very expensive. Heck, if it comes down to it a group of us can rent a decent size house to stay at and hold the Friday Summit there. It doesn't have to be super formal. If memory serves I think Matt had a similar thought about a house (to stay at, not for the meetings) in talking with him.
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DBGrow prefers having a day dedicated to the summit as well. We are fine doing it any time, in oct or postponed, but it should be a dedicated period of time. I like Xaviers suggestions above. I also like the idea of having an ANO like layertech take a slightly larger role in organizing the summit. I expect such a summit to grow in scope, and required organization, as Factom grows. Having an ANO that takes charge on that and gets the hang of organizing such events would be really cool.
On this short of time frame, to do a Friday retreat like everyone seems to want while keeping costs low, my suggestion is for a group of us to rent a house that we (6-8 people, not everyone) stay at for the weekend. Early Friday, all the other ANOs head our way and we hold our summit at the house. Each of the houses below afford the ability to break off into small workshop / committee groups like Xavier suggested as well as have breakfast, lunch, and a BBQ dinner together. Saturday and Sunday we attend the Bitcoin Conference as normal. If any of you have ever attended a company retreat, you know that if they're done right, they can be very beneficial. Depending on the number of attendees/house/workshop focus, we'd potentially need to bring in some tables and chairs but that's simple enough.

Some potential locations:


Or we can probably go the hotel route although that's going to cost more, but that's ok if people prefer the more traditional venue. If a hotel or potentially the same venue the conference is being held is preferred, I can start making phone calls unless someone else would like to step up. Feedback either way is appreciated.
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Someone asked privately why I wasn't including Thursday in the home quote in order to have it all day Friday. My plan would be to pay for Thursday out of personal funds to lower the price for other ANOs. Those who stay in the house would be welcome to stay Thursday night if they came in early. To do the ANO retreat on Friday, obviously it would be best if people came in Thursday or as early as possible Friday if Thursday wasn't viable.
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Xavier Chen

I had an epiphany last night. A lot of the agenda I listed for Friday ANO only summit is geared toward our internal needs. From my reading of Crystal's Discord post last night, Factom Inc's organization of the summit is geared toward our external needs, e.g. community outreach. I think that disconnect caused confusion and frustration at yesterday's ANO meeting.

Now that I see it from this perspective, I don't think the goals are mutually exclusive. Why don't we focus only on our internal affairs on Friday. Then Sat/Sunday, ANOs who are interested and can afford it, can participate in the conference for community outreach? (ANO presentations, forum, etc) This separation will allow us to accomplish both goals without diluting/disrupting the Conference.

Also can @Luap, @Alex, @ilzheev, @HashnStore, @siverpro, @mig, @CryptoVikings, and @MikeB comment on why they do not plan to attend? It is fine if it is due to timing, cost, or other unresolvable restrictions. But if your reason for not attending is due to organizational issues, please comment so we can take your concern into account.

If not enough people can attend, I would rather postpone to another date that allows better organization. (Though I like that we can use Texas Bitcoin Conference for community outreach if organized correctly)

Xavier Chen

To add on David's suggestion, we can also look into booking an entire hotel for our group. For example, you can book 30 rooms at the price of $30-$80 per room or $15-$40 per person if we put two per room. We can negotiate some conference rooms to be thrown in if that's the route we want to go. Or we can do combination of David's VRBO option and group booking at hotel, because honestly I much rather do our retreat at one of David's options. :) Regardless, the lodging cost should be well below what we can get individually.

Examples: https://goo.gl/qTe5hB
If we're going to book a hotel:

1. There should be space at it (preferable) or within walking distance we can rent for the Friday retreat.
2. I'm at a point in life where 3 star hotels is about as low as I'll go. :)
3. I'd want my own room.

With that said, I'm perfectly fine securing my own place and going to wherever the majority end up or do the combo option like you mention.
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Thanks for asking Xavier. It is mainly due to cost and time reasons. And the next weeks will be quite (positively) busy for us. The FCT price would have been 20$, it could have been different. But in the current conditions it would be unwise for us to do so.
We would have loved to see all of you guys (and to visit Austin ; never been in the US personnally [Matthias] ) but I think it is going to be for the next meeting/summit.
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Valentin Ganev

For those of you that have said they may attend: what is/are the deciding factor(s)? And when do you think you would be able to come to a conclusion?

We at Factomatic were really looking forward to the Summit, as we think it would be an amazing opportunity to meet and have a lot of discussions around the protocol. However, it seems that only three operators are going to definitely attend it and two of those are headquartered in Austin. This is a very low turnout, to the extent where I would say I'm not sure it makes sense to have the Summit, unless at least 4-5 ANOs who are uncertain decide to join eventually.

With some of us having to travel from Europe (or farther), I think it might be a good idea to set some "deadline" by which people make up their mind, as it would be really inconvenient to have to make those bookings at the last minute.
For those of you that have said they may attend: what is/are the deciding factor(s)? And when do you think you would be able to come to a conclusion?
I want to get work done. While meeting people and networking is great, there's ample opportunity to really move through some pressing issues. For example, I'd like the opportunity for a group of us to workshop through ideas with Brian and Paul. Their being involved would be critical as the thought is to work through some governance / protocol design ideas. If they can't commit to spending time with ANOs on Friday, then I'd probably not attend.

I have a message in with them and am looking forward to hearing back.
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My main reason to not join is also mostly financial. With the current market we haven't sold and are not selling any FCT, which means the company is running on its cash reserve, and I'm leaving on my savings. In this condition I find it hard to justify the cost of travel and stay for that conference. Even though I'd have clearly loved meeting all the ANOs, and having a chance to talk tech with other fellow devs :)
We are in the same boat financially. We haven't received 1 Factoid yet and with the current market situation and not knowing when the bull market is going to come back, we prefer to work on our proofs of concept and get the ball rolling as soon as we can.

It would have been cool but the timing is not there this time around.

Jens P Kåven

Blockrock Mining Inc.
@xavierwjc I’ve checked both «do not plan to attend» and «may attend», they’re not mutually exclusive. We were recently acknowledged as the «World’s Northernmost ANO Team» on Discord. Getting to a major international airport costs twice as much as the cross-atlantic flight, in addition to surrounding travel costs.
When you factor in this with the fact that we haven’t actually been onboarded yet and general mining profits have plunged, there’s just no way we can plan on attending in current conditions. But we may, if the stars align again.
We were recently acknowledged as the «World’s Northernmost ANO Team» on Discord.
Grudgingly. ;-)

In general, Canonical Ledgers likes the plan of the internal-focused Friday sessions and the external focused efforts at the Bitcoin conference over the weekend and will send at least one member if the collective decision is to move forward with this. We also like the idea of renting the house to defray costs. Count us in. :)

Xavier Chen

Just a quick update. I have reached out to every individuals who responded to the poll to get a final tally. So far I have 8 firm yes, 2 tentative yes, 5 maybes and 4 who haven't responded. I'm giving the 9 ANOs who haven't fully commit couple more days, but I feel like we have enough people going to start organizing.

I'll be in Austin/Houston a week early for prior engagements so can help with planning the Friday sessions.
I'm looking to rent a house where the Friday Retreat can be held at and some people can stay. Can I please get some feedback as to whether anyone would want to stay the weekend at the home? It is about 15 minutes from the Texas Bitcoin Conference location. Prices would be the following:

Thursday night - Free - my gift to those who choose to stay at the house Friday and Saturday.

Friday and Saturday night - $100 per night for a private room with a king or queen bed (three available) or $75 for the loft with a king bed (less privacy). Two of the bedrooms also have an extra twin bed so you can split the $100 with someone if you want to go that route. There is also a queen sofa sleeper for $35 per night and a couch for $25 per night for those on a budget.

If you definitely want in on this, please let me know ASAP so I can rent the place. First come first serve.


Master Suite - David Chapman
Private room 1 - Xavier $100 / night
Private room 2 - Matt O $100 / night
Private room 3 (queen and twin bed) Sam and Adam - $100 / night
Loft with king bed - Maarten $75 / night
Queen sofa bed - Niels $ 35 / night
Couch - Sebastian $25 / night
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Unfortunately we will not be able to make the ANO Annual Summit and I want to explain our reasoning. We really do see the value of the ANOs meeting face to face. It is for mixed reasons that we won't be able to attend: only just having been appointed we had not scheduled or budgeted for it; we are fully committed to being ready for node onboarding and the workload here, given our technical solution, is significant; our team is slim and understandably have other work commitments that enable them to support the protocol at very low cost levels.

On a constructive note would there be any merit in (country) groups of ANOs meeting up and video conferencing? Properly structured this could start more active involvement and mutual support.
Ok guys, the house for Friday's retreat has been booked. It's 15 minutes from the Texas Bitcoin Conference location. So get those Thursday flights booked so we can start early on Friday! There's still a loft with bed (3rd attached pic below), a queen sofa bed, and couch still available for anyone who wants to stay at the house. The private rooms are reserved by others already. A few pics:


Hey guys, turns out Adam is not going to be able to make it after all. :-( I don't need two beds so I could split this room with someone or I can switch people for a single bed. I'm fine covering it by myself if no one wants, though. Just want to make sure we're efficient with room resources.


Crypto Logic
Unfortunately we are not able to attend this meeting in person.

Short version is that we being the senior-sysadmins for our airport we are not able to travel simultaneously as we are deemed critical personnel, and one of us needs to be in town at all times. One of us is already traveling during the dates of the summit; so the other one has to stay put.

If some kind of teleconference is set up we would of course do our best to be able to join remotely.