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Xavier Chen

Another quick update. So far we have 11 ANOs committed to go and 6 maybes. Those in the maybe column should update me by the end of the week. In the mean time, can everyone who's going fill out this spreadsheet so we have exact number of people rather than number of ANOs.


This will help organizers anticipate amount of food to order. Also we have some back and forth about lodging options. If you are interested getting Airbnb/hotel together, indicate you are interested in group lodging so we can coordinate more efficiently. Lastly, ANOs interested in sharing your strength by hosting educational workshop, please indicate in the spreadsheet. @MattO made some suggestions at last ANO meeting: marketing, sales, technology, legal, social media, etc. I can reach out to you to coordinate the specifics.

Xavier Chen

@MikeB and @CryptoVikings, once the spreadsheet posted above is filled out, we will have much better idea of what kind of scheduled events we're dealing with at the retreat. If we have multiple workshops, then I think it will be a good idea to set up video conference so other ANOs can listen in and participate.
@xavierwjc -- I don't want to host an educational workshop but I would be interested in organizing a time slot where we get together and workshop the tier system the ANO Contributions Committee has been discussing. Are you looking specifically for educational workshops or looking for discussion sessions as well?

Xavier Chen

@DChapman, my thinking is that the breakout sessions discussing different aspect of the protocol will be lead by each committees. These sessions will be discussion/decision focus, not education focus. You or someone else from ANO Contribution will automatically have a time slot leading topics related to committee work.

Once we know how many people are interested in hosting educational workshop, we will have a lot clearer idea on time availability. Then my plan is to reach out to each committee to iron out our final schedule for the day. Below is my suggested agenda posted earlier. Let me know if we need to add more to the list.

1. Social Meet & Greet for ANOs (morning)
2. Breakout sessions focusing on different part of the protocol (Business Development, Core Code, Marketing Efforts, Legal, etc)
3. Educational workshops run by ANOs to lend our strengths (Business focus ANO do workshop on getting new clients, development ANO give workshop to bring business ANOs up to speed, etc)
4. Group Meeting (Monthly ANO meeting 1900 UTC)
5. Committee Meetings (can be combined with breakout sessions)
6. BBQ/Social wrap up (evening)
Good stuff.

At 7pm there's a kickoff party for the Texas Bitcoin Conference. I'm sure many will want to attend that so I'd suggest wrapping things up around 6pm or so.

I'd also suggest breakfast / lunch breaks in there. Depending what time you plan to start, I'd be happy to prepare a huge breakfast that can be part of the social meet and greet.
From Linda Snow who is organizing the Texas Bitcoin Conference and Factom Summit (not to be confused with this Factom Retreat):

Friday ANO Retreat

There will be an ANO Only Retreat at a private residence David Chapman of Factomize has rented on Friday, October 26th starting in the morning and having sessions through the day. Paul Snow and Brian Deery will attend. The exact schedule is being worked out.

Factom Summit and Texas Bitcoin Conference

The Texas Bitcoin Conference will host the Factom Summit.
The Summit is 2 days to include;
- Kick off at the ATT venue, the evening of October 26 starting at 7pm.
- Factom sponsored Hackathon October 27 and 28th with the awards presentation the end of the day on the 28th.
- We will have 4 sessions, one for the opening remarks and Paul Snow, the hackathon award Announce, and a Keynote by Patrick Byrne.
- There are as many as 10 to 25 total ANO speaker opportunities. There are panel opportunities as well as single speaking slots for ANOs to promote their company and the Factom protocol to the general audience and potential investors.

Speakers (including panelists) in addition to their own admittance receive a guest pass as well.
The greater Factom community using the promo code Factom will receive 15% off the conference entry price.
In addition, any ANO that would like to sponsor the conference will receive a 20% discount off of sponsorship fees.

Anyone interested in participating in the conference should contact me @ lindamariesnow@texasbitcoinconference.com
A ticket can be purchased at our website https://texasbitcoinconference.com/ Be sure to use the promo code FACTOM (not cap sensitive)

Attached is a copy of the sponsorship opportunities.


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Another interesting, potentially fruitful session would be a Goals discussion. Create a high level roadmap with 1, 3, and 5 year goals. If we have that, we can then identify strengths and challenges and formulate strategy to leverage our strengths and overcome those challenges.
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