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Block Party
Factom community,

This letter is to announce Block Party’s resignation as an Authority Node Operator. In order to ensure a smooth transition, we will work with the guides to make this resignation effective at whatever date and time they deem appropriate. We have always believed deeply in the potential of the Factom protocol and will continue to be strong advocates moving forward. However, as a business, we don’t think this ecosystem is the right place for us to invest further.

In many ways it feels like we came on as an ANO a bit too early in the protocol’s development. There’s a lot of infrastructure which needs to be built before the ecosystem can support a startup like ours working on top of it. That’s not to say it can’t or won’t get built, but we’re not the best people to help build it. For that reason, it doesn’t make sense for us to take a spot from people who are.

We wish everyone the best of luck and will continue being your biggest fans. We still believe the Factom Protocol has the potential to become a global utility and change the way the world understands truth. We can’t to see where you all take it.

The Block Party team
On one hand, I'm disappointed as I've always thought very highly of your team and its potential. On the other hand, I am very appreciative that you are able to take a step back, evaluate your team's capabilities, and make the highly professional decision to resign rather than become a "Zombie ANO" that doesn't contribute meaningfully. I know your very specific use case requires the network to be highly robust and I think we're going to get to that point sooner than most anticipate. As such, I hope to see you guys building your application before too long!

Thank you for putting the protocol first!

All the best to everyone at Block Party.
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Block Party
Thanks everyone. While we won't be an ANO, that doesn't mean we'll stop being a member of the community. We will continue to monitor developments and look for ways to build applications which can leverage Factom, which we still believe, is one of the most significant and impactful projects in the blockchain space. It's truly incredible what everyone has been able to build and I can't speak highly enough of the quality of ANOs. The progress made so far is truly an achievement to be proud of.