New Candidate BlockVenture is now a Candidate


Factomize Bot

Congratulations on registering BlockVenture as a Candidate. You now have 180 days to get your Standing above 25% (it starts at 0) or you'll be removed from the Standing Dashboard and will no longer be a Candidate. Standing Parties have to vote to give you Standing so the key is to contribute to the Factom ecosystem in a manner where Standing Parties want to support your bid to become an ANO. When you do something for the ecosystem, be sure to communicate that within the Contributions forum:

Please take the time to upload your logo and other company information to your Major Contributors area:

You can be promoted to ANO one of two ways:

1. If your Standing is 60% or higher, you're the highest ranked Candidate, and an ANO slot becomes available, then you get promoted.

2. If you get your Standing to 90% or higher, you are automatically promoted to ANO even if a slot is not available.

Good luck!