BuildingIM: November update

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So far, we have built up the demonstration version of the CWS platform which we showed to the community. We have been constrained by the low liquidity in the FCT market and therefore have had to resort to coding the platform ourselves rather than paying external devs.

So far all parts developed have been BuildingIM specific (front end, data processing of construction data, database creation) and therefore we have not had the opportunity to outsource any of our creations so far.

Due to the low liquidity, we have decided to launch a subset of our product which will give analytics on the 3D model of a building. We will offer this reduced feature set product (Como) as a subscription service to start our revenue flow. We will use the product to upsell to the Construction Workflow Solution (CWS) platform, and ultimately to the Facilities Workflow Solution (FWS) platform as our feature set progresses.

We have run and continue to run 2 testnet nodes during our tenure as an ANO for Factom. We have kept these nodes up to date as required by the testnet admins.

So far BuildingIM has not sold a single FCT, keeping within our pledge to sell less than 60% of received FCT per month.

The two BuildingIM authority set nodes run at 50% efficiency and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Regarding outside investment; we met with 3 investment companies who are all very interested in our offering (our idea solves a real problem, will scale, BuildingIM know what they're talking about, and has few competitors). Two of the three investment companies said they would invest, but only after we receive our first order.

After the third time of hearing the same words of encouragement, but a firm no until BuildingIM gained revenue, Calum and I decided to swap from sales + co-ordination of developer roles to 80% dev and 20% sales and onboard another director with SAAS development and management experience (John).

Calum and I have pivoted to do development work ourselves. John would be assisting with coding, but his son was born 2 months premature, so he is not able to assist right now as a new father. We did mention in our application thread that we are all highly technically literate, so we are not struggling with the development, but it is going slower than the 3 dedicated external heads we were planning to have and the sales funnel is suffering as a result of less time being committed to sales activities.

I have justified the pivot to development by allocating the money saved on the development to the hiring of a sales head (as soon as we get investment).
Current Update: BuildingIM: November update
BuildingIM has been in contact with a large multinational manufacturer who is currently using two other blockchain protocols for their development works. They have found both to be difficult to use. We have suggested that Factom might be a better solution and have built a very small POC for them (2 weeks of dev work). We are now waiting for their response.

Calum and Ben have both left their careers to work on the BuildingIM project full time and expect to have a working product (Como) in January 2019.

Ben is chairing the marketing committee and hopes to grow the committee into a large part of the Factom ecosystem.
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