Consensus Networks Introduction

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Hello Factom community!

We're excited to be applying again and can't wait for questions and feedback. We'll be posting a more in depth description of our team, experience, and goals in the coming days but if you want to start seeing some of the things we're doing, you can check us out at! Here's just a brief summary of what we've done/been working on since the last ANO round in August:

1. In September 2018, we were awarded a phase I federal SBIR from the Department of Health and Human Services for a health data sharing platform built on blockchain technology (we had received notice of award during the ANO round, but couldn't go into too much detail since it wasn't official). Progress has been great and we'll have exciting progress to share soon. Check it out here.
2. We've partnered with The Factoid Authority on another very cool project involving social media and Factom - updates to follow soon!
3. We're maintaining our servers on the testnet and are now running three - we plan on maintaining at least two on the testnet at all times.
4. We've built a continual improvement program for our company and expanded our team. This has allowed us to participate in several public blockchain networks and start to build best practices for running enterprise level LedgerOps: maintaining low latency and high bandwidth connections, protecting against attacks such as DDoS, ensuring secure key management, and maximizing uptime.
5. We're building out our blog and will be continuing to publish our thoughts as it relates to blockchain, here's one we did for recently. We'll continue to do this and our internal processes work to ensure we consistently are publishing our work.
6. We'll have at least one more announcement to make during the next few weeks, no spoilers above.

As we said before, we're looking forward to the ANO application process, thank you!
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