Cube3 Quarterly Report: July-September 2020

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--Pure infrastructure ANO with the primary focus on providing the network with robust, resilient and secure nodes

--Not liquidate FCT on the open market for up to 24 months or until there is a significant uptick in volume and price (unless advised otherwise by our accountant for tax or similar reasons)


-- Running two mainnet nodes at two geographically separate locations with initial efficiencies of 60% and 80%, an average of 70%.


-- Running at least two Testnet nodes
Cube3 has been operating as a Facton ANO for 3 months.

As reported, our first quarter has certainly been interesting.

We have not taken a short term approach in our engagement with the community and have invested in premium features such as dedicated servers, operating in secure, well located and high redundancy data centres.

We continue to strengthen both our business and our core activity - infrastructure. In this respect we are very focused on simultaneously reducing operating costs whilst increasing robustness and capacity. Paul Snow’s prediction that the infrastructure will need to grow by 1000x over the next 10 years has not been taken lightly by us. To this end we are developing and testing solutions that will enable us to efficiently scale out our infrastructure as the protocols need’s grow, whilst maintaining our core strengths of security and reliability.

We have firm plans to do this; our team are both incentivised and held accountable for their progress in this respect.

At the same time we have been active in the protocol’s governance but the effort required to deliver our current involvement in this sphere is not insignificant. It is certainly over and above what we initially envisaged. However we do view involvement in governance as of paramount importance and we want to maintain and possibly grow our presence in a community we have enjoyed being a part of. We particularly want to do this during this formative period, because the work of collectively building a decentralised business is both fascinating and challenging.

We would therefore like to change our efficiency from 70% down to 60% to enable us to continue what we have been doing and sustainably participate in the governance developments that we think the protocol will benefit from.

Such a change requires us to be accountable and, paraphrasing Matt Osborne's words, provide value for money. We are happy to provide ongoing clarity on the level of our governance involvement via the contributions part of the factomise forum.

The purpose of starting this thread is therefore to allow anyone to voice any concerns or comments they may have about this proposed change.
Current Update: Cube3 Quarterly Report: July-September 2020