DBGrow 2019 Q4 Report

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While ANO income has dropped to between 4k-6k USD/Month for the majority of this quarter, we have continued to actively participate in committees, uphold our responsibilities, and push forward our open source work on the Factom protocol, while continuing to develop our business utilizing Factom.

Protocol Website

DBgrow has continued to maintain the protocol website, and took the role of a core member of the website committee. Within this role, DBGrow is taking responsibility for the following:

Designing, developing and launching the official roadmap on the Factom Protocol website in Q4. The process has included regular updates and improvements with input from the standing parties in the Factom Protocol ecosystem.

Handling security events such as the potential scam website copying factomprotocol.org that popped up, for which we had to write and serve letters to various parties.

Contribute to further development and of factomprotocol.org in accordance with Website Committee and Marketing Committee decisions. This includes many optimizations based on analytics for the website focused towards improving newsletter sign ups, and funneling users towards documentation, discussion boards, and discord.

Continue to contribute to committee governance including but not limited to crafting governance documents, defining roles for the documentation and website committees.


Exchange: We continue to chair the exchange committee, and have made progress with exchange listings. We lead the work with VCC to bring FCT listing back to a bittrex orderbook. We are working with a firm now that is leading a large portion of the joint effort of FCT and Pegnet listings.

Website Committee: Described above

Documentation: We continue to maintain the factom protocol documentation portal and make incremental edits. We also continue to help with other ANOs requests for edits to documentation.

Marketing: DBGrow has participated in the regular marketing committee calls and governance of the marketing committee. These include interfacing between the marketing and website committee to make sure the Factom Protocol marketing goals are reflected on the website.

For the rebranding effort, working with the LRWG, DBGrow managed the name, domain, and trademark search for dozens of potential rebrands.

Legal Research Working Group: The majority of work in this committee was directed at Exchange work, and rebrand efforts over Q4.

Authority Nodes

Nodes have continued to be upkept very well. We still have the longest running leader outside of Inc :p !

We also continued to upkeep Factom and FAT courtesy nodes on both the mainnet and testnet.


During Q4 DBGrow and Canonical ledgers have been successfully researching and developing Smart Contract support for Factom. Over the past several months the FAT ecosystem has seen a number of experimental additions oriented towards smart contracts including:

New Standards & Edits

- FAT-107 Data Store Standard - Universal data storage format for data hosted on the factom blockchain. Any data or file format can be uploaded to and interpreted from the Factom blockchain via FAT.

- FAT-104 Contract Publication Standard - Describes a specialized type of FAT-107 data store solely used for contracts and it's requirements. Defines the contract's Application Binary Interface (ABI) structure that must me included in FAT-104 datastores and the basics of interacting with contracts.

- FAT-105 Host Interface Standard - Lays out the standard set of functions that are available to contracts from the host environment

- FAT-0 - Add new smart contract related fields and validation. Describes basic implementation and workings of contracts. Links 104 and 105 together in functionality.

Reorganization & Optimization

- The FAT Daemon sync has been optimized by improving the concurrency during syncs

- General reorganization of the daemon code to accommodate implementing smart contracts


- Test implementation of both FAT-107 and FAT-104 standard

Test daemon/datastructure implementation

- Test implementation of FAT-107 datastructure in Golang

- Implementation of new requirements in FAT-0 datastructures in fatd

Created a website for FAT, which may be merged into Factom Protocol website if desired

Overall the effort is progressing smoothly and we expect a release of experimental smart contract functionality in the coming weeks. Once completed, these additions will allow end users of FAT to create any distributed app or ecosystem of their desire on Factom. We are excited to take the next step in making FAT a more full fledged tokenization ecosystem with the addition of contracts.


We continued to promote factom to important entities around the world. While most of these entities, some very high profile, are related to our main project on Factom that we can’t discuss at this time, we can discuss that we have had multiple meetings with a couple different UN agencies, as well as with companies working in aid and economic development. Discussions center on the role Factom can play in aid programs, universal identities, and fighting corruption in the developing world.

We are seeing significant interest from these discussions. It comes down largely to a lack of familiarity, not a lack of interest, in the application of blockchain technology within these governmental and intergovernmental organizations. We are hoping that both our discussions directly with such agencies, as well as other entities that work on these projects, can over time introduce factom into various development projects.

We also had a great time promoting the factom protocol with Sphereon at the Dutch Hall of Knights event in the Netherlands this November!

Projects on Factom

We continue moving forward with our large project utilizing public FAT and Factom, which represents the majority of our work. While we cannot discuss the details of this project at this time, we hope to be able to in the future through that entity.
Thanks for your update Juian. DB Grow continue to make broad contributions to the community and the protocol via Website, Documentation, Marketing and Legal research which is appreciated. It is great to hear the continued work on the FAT ecosystem.

At the appropriate time I would like to hear more about the work you are doing with governmental and intergovernmental organizations on the application of blockchain technology.
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