Development of Golang DID resolver/registrar

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Previous Update: Development of Golang DID resolver/registrar
Hello, the community!
In the previous grant round, we applied with the grant for the development of standalone Golang DID resolver/registrar.

I feel that this project was supported by the community: it was ranked at the position of the cut-off grant, but in this grant round we decided not to fund cut-off grants.

Without going into technical details, I'd like to highlight, that, in my opinion, Golang DID library is extremely important for our ecosystem and for the projects, written on Golang — PegNet, Factom Open API and etc.

Considering Factoshi's experience of "development first, paid after" as a very good practice for grant pool projects, I decided to start working on this project without grant funding and then apply for back pay in the next grant round.

We cut the scope of works to the following:
  1. Explore and develop the specification document for:
    1. DID low-level functions for Factom Golang lib
    2. Standalone Golang library/module — DID resolver/registrar — that may be imported into any high-level application
    3. High-level functions as a specification
  2. Join DID workgroup, discuss and approve the specification with developers
  3. Develop (code):
    1. Contribute to Factom Golang lib and code DID low-level functions
    2. Develop the standalone Golang DID resolver/registrar

The amount of the works above is ~3 man-months. We are still willing to internalize some development costs (10-25% discount) as stated in the original proposal and it fully depends on market conditions, i.e. FCT price, at the moment of the next grant round.

We remove DID integration into Factom Open API as part of this project, as it's the separate project and it's better not to mix it up.
We are still willing to develop DID support for Factom Open API and it will be done after Golang lib will be released.

TL;DR: We consider Golang DID lib as an extremely important for PegNet, Open API and other Golang apps, so we decided to start developing it without advance grant payout and apply for back pay when the works will be done.
Development update #1
Development progress: 20%

1. Factom DID Golang Lib and API design
This document describes Golang lib for Factom DIDs, its modules, DID API, wrapping the DID lib, and how apps are connected with all this stuff.

There are 4 levels I separated in the design, that provide redundant flexibility for any developer and apps:

2. Factom DID Golang Lib
I'd like to share our current progress in development of Golang Library for Factom DIDs:

What's done:
  1. Models (structs)
    1. DID Document
    2. DID Key
      1. DID Key Purpose
    3. Management Key
    4. Service
  2. High-level functions to work with DID structured
  3. Enums
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