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Community members -

Your inputs have been gathered and the Guides have consolidated all changes into Draft V.1.6. We are ready to bring this document up for your consideration and ratification.

All changes between V.1.5 and Draft V.1.6 can be compared here. Significant changes include Section 3: Authority Set, Section 6.2.6: Grant Success support category removal, and some other cleaning up of the document.

Thank you in advance for your engagement and discussion.

On behalf of the Factom Protocol Guides,

Nolan Bauer


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At the end of the discussion period, Guides will vote first and 4 must vote yes otherwise the process ends. If 4 do vote yes, ANOs then vote and if 60% vote yes, the document is successfully ratified or amended.


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David Kuiper

Bedrock Solutions
I've reviewed the changes and they look good. Thanks to the guides for this update.

I found one small error - the definition for Community says, "and using the the Factom protocol".

If anyone is like me and has been scrolling up and down to compare changes in the comparable documents, I finally noticed there is a "Sync Scrolling" option that when turned off makes it much easier to compare.

Thank you for the effort put into updating this critical document.
With apologies in being late to the party I have a few observations:
4.4.1 Talks about the anchor master and states that "Details of how to define and manage these roles can be refined over time." It then describes issues to consider in more detail. I suggest that as a Governance Doc we should not be vague about such things and ought to leave this as "Details of how to define and manage these roles may be refined over time." without being specific.
5.1 Talks about token rewards and 5.1.1 states "This is roughly a 10 percent inflation rate for the first year of token distribution." We are past the first year of distribution and should update this.
5.2 Grant Pool Allocation - unless I am missing something isn't this also a discussion about efficiency, in which case it should refer to efficiency. States "Token locking functionality is not yet implemented in the protocol. The need and implementation schedule for token locking will be developed in Q2 of 2018." This is a past date.
6.3 Delegation "Delegation allows parties that don’t have too much influence to lend their influence to parties that can spend more time thinking and researching issues regarding the protocol." Isn't delegation less about amount of influence and more about the amount of experience, time & energy someone can put into making a decision? You could be very influential but not sufficiently informed.


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The final poll is available for Guides to vote on now for 3 days. If Guides pass the vote with 4 "Yes" votes then ANOs will be able to vote. If Guides fail to pass, there will be no further action.
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