Amendment Doc 002 - Administration of governance and community documents - V3.0

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Should the document be ratified or amended as specified by the thread type?

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The Governance Working Group is releasing suggested updates to Doc 002 - Administration of governance and community documents (v3.0)


This document update introduces Batched Amendments. We have at least 11 other docs remaining that need amending to carry out the Guide removal vote, and we want to push them through all at once. They're ready to go. Doc 002 has now been amended to support this kind of vote process, adding agility to governance work now and in the future.

A lot of docs remain outdated because the process is too cumbersome. If the outcome of a vote means multiple documents need amending, there's little incentive to go do this. The process needs to be easier. A single discussion thread should be able to vote yes or no on multiple documents.

Another practical benefit is that batching amendments together will have a positive effect on engagement. It's much easier for a Standing Party to make an informed decision if all the information and discussion is taking place within the same topic, rather than spread out over 10 different vote threads.

What we don't want are stealth edits. Sneaky little details that creep up and go unnoticed. The doc therefore mentions some additional criteria for Batched Amendments. Information provision with an accurate overview of all key changes is one of them. For that same reason, the scope to Batched Amendments is limited to doc amendments and retirements. New documents cannot be part of this.

The first batch we want to release will not contain any significant contentious changes other than quality-of-life-fixes, as that would impede the chances of ratification. So please refrain from saying: "I won't vote for this until so-and-so gets fixed." We need this Guide removal out of the way.


Specifically, this amendment contains the following changes:

1. Added 4.2. - the option for Batched Amendments.
2. Added - naming the discussion thread for multiple Docs. Happy to hear other suggestions.
3. Changed wording to reflect majority voting by possible future Standing Parties. While it's true future Standing Parties may not have document voting rights, we can just have this be superseded in the respective doc for a Standing Party that shouldn't have said voting rights. In the meantime, we will be future-proofing current docs like this.
4. Added 2.3.6. to Section 3.
5. Updated the version numbering. I think this was previously done incorrectly. See Section 3.2.


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At the end of the discussion period, Guides will vote first and 4 must vote yes otherwise the process ends. If 4 do vote yes, ANOs then vote and if 60% vote yes, the document is successfully ratified or amended.


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