Ratification Doc 100 - No minimal vote threshold to become a guide fix (corrected vote)

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Should the document be ratified or amended as specified by the thread type?

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Ok everyone, unfortunately contrary to my claim at the end of https://factomize.com/forums/threads/doc-100-amendment-no-minimal-threshold-to-being-a-guide.3821/ proper ammendment was not followed for document 100, to make sure at least 51% support was given to guide candidates to make them eligible. That vote was not only in the wrong subforum, it didn't have a staggered guide - ANO vote, was shorter and allowed parties to change votes, which is prohibited according to the document 002 - Administration of governance and community documents

Given the current guides have to announce next guide round in a few days in order to meet the deadline and this thread and votes could last max 16 days, bringing it's outcome in the middle of the actual new guide vote, this is very undesirable.
Since this vote is exactly the same as the incorrect version, but following proper procedure (Doc 002) and Doc 002 allows to shorten the dicussion period, we urge people to vote to end discussion early, so we can start the proper vote as soon as possible.

The single change (paragraph in the document:


See the full draft document and changes:

Sorry for the confusion. I did notice inconsistencies in the original thread and should have better looked at Doc 002 upon notice.


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This thread is a Document Ratification/Amendment Timed Discussion and I am designed to help facilitate efficient communication.

Guides and ANOs may take part in this discussion and vote. Unless this discussion is ended early or extended, it will end in 8 days after which a vote will take place. After 18 hours from the start of the thread or any point up until 24 hours are left in the discussion, you can make a motion to end the discussion immediately or extend the discussion beyond it's initial time frame by selecting the pertinent button at the top of this thread. If someone "seconds" your motion, a poll will take place which requires a majority of Standing Parties to vote one way or the other.

At the end of the discussion period, Guides will vote first and 4 must vote yes otherwise the process ends. If 4 do vote yes, ANOs then vote and if 60% vote yes, the document is successfully ratified or amended.
I would appreciate it if somebody would make a motion to end discusison early, as apparently as thread starter I do not have the option. I know it is restricted to people that have posted in the thread, apparently the thread started is excluded (at least the first post)

//edit: Or I should just read what chappie say ;) In 18 hours we can vote to end discussion early. Continue on please :p


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We are now 18 hours into the discussion. You may now make a motion to extend this Document Ratification/Amendment Discussion by an additional 72 hours or end this conversation by selecting the pertinent button at the top of this thread. This option will end when there are 24 hours left in the discussion.


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Alex has made a motion to end the discussion early. If someone seconds this motion by selecting the button below, a vote on the motion will start.

A majority voting yay will pass the motion and the discussion will end immediately. This motion will remain open until the normal discussion period ends or a motion to end the discussion is passed by a majority.


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Matt Osborne has seconded the motion to end the discussion early.

A motion is now active at the top of this thread to vote if you want to end the discussion early and move on the next phase. A majority voting yes will pass the motion and the discussion will be closed immediately. This vote will remain open until the normal discussion period ends or another motion is passed.


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The motion to end the discussion has passed.

The final poll is available for Guides to vote on now for 3 days. If Guides pass the vote with 4 "Yes" votes then ANOs will be able to vote. If Guides fail to pass, there will be no further action.
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