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Factoshi is moving to a 60% efficiency effective today.

Our website, Factoshi.io, will continue to be maintained and developed. However, health concerns are forcing me to re-evaluate the amount of time I can dedicate to Factoshi and to Factom, which is currently my full time occupation. I believe 60% will bring Factoshi into alignment with other ANOs.

In previous updates I had outlined plans to develop a smart phone application that uses a Factom back end. That will be put on hold until a time that more hours can be invested into the business.

Though this rearrangement is not done willingly, I am pleased to be able to raise Factoshi's efficiency. The last grant round was significantly oversubscribed. Whilst the price has risen recently, we are on course to have even less FCT in the grant pool by the time the next grant round arrives. I consider the grant pool to be a vital resource for protocol development. Generally speaking, I am thoroughly impressed by the quality of the grant proposals we received at the last round, and I am pleased that increasing Factoshi's efficiency will make more funds available to future grant applicants.
Thank you for the update Alex.

I appreciate you being up front about the changing circumstances, and adjusting the efficiency accordingly. You are leading by example, and I hope others will also dynamically adjust in the same manner :)

Factoshi.io is an invaluable resource for the community which I know sees a lot of use, and I'm happy to hear that you will continue to update it going forward.


Crypto Logic
We support your decision of making your efficiency higher while pausing development on your phone application, and thank you for contributing more to the grant pool. We wish you all the best, and a quick recovery!
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Hi Alex,

I can only echo everyone else's sentiment. I'm sorry to hear about your health issues and wish you all the best. I appreciate the numerous contributions you have made to the community and think your positive attitude and integrity are a model for all of us. Thank you for being honest about your ability to commit time and adjusting your efficiency accordingly. I hope you are able to quickly return to your status as a development ANO as you have already brought a lot of value to the ecosystem in that capacity.
You are viewing an older update. There is a newer update available.