Factomprotocol.org Second Major Version

Hey everyone. I want to introduce Greg Wolff @[DBGrow] Greg Wolff, our new web developer for the Factom Protocol Website. We are now beginning on the second major version of the protocol website.

Our goals for the website are the following:

Documentation portal

Transition the documentation section to a more comprehensive portal for all things developer related. The first step toward a documentation portal is a landing page on top of the gitbook documentation. This also includes better organization and comprehensive sections for developing on the Factom protocol, core protocol code information, developing with the abundant open source infrastructures being created (FAT, Digital Identities, different language libraries, etc), ANO node information, testnet info, links to the Factom Protocol Explorer, etc.

Ecosystem Portal

Create an enhanced Ecosystem section, in accordance with what the community decides is the best structure. This will extend past just the factomize forums and into a more comprehensive portal for community and governance processes.

We want to establish a rich ecosystem portal hosting things such as important metrics like the health of the network and rate of entries being created. This will then have an intuitive click through to factoshi.io, being the best full resource on metrics in the ecosystem.

We also are in discussion with David Chapman for a more full integration of Factomize with the protocol website. Factomize has been an extremely successful forum for our governance matters, so we want to ensure that

Additional resources in this section include:

• Link to daily newsletter
• Column for monthly newsletter
• Direct link to apply to committees
• Committees updates + link to apply for committees
• Link to apply for ANO position
• Link to apply for Guide position
• Link to apply for grants
• Integrate additional governance sections like a Bug Bounty system

Factom Protocol Blog

• Integrate a blog with CMS into the website such that members of the community can submit articles / content directly, and a select choice of community members have the ability to publish content.

Enterprise Solutions

• Integrate the enterprise solutions page with the ecosystem portal
• Continue to add additional Enterprise Solutions

Protocol and Technologies Sections

• Further build out content, and possibly break into multiple sub-sections such as (and only an example):
• Protocol
  • Efficient Data Protocol
  • Two Token System
  • Bitcoin Anchoring
  • Scaling the Factom Protocol
• Technologies
  • Tokenization
  • Blockchain Identity
  • Voting Protocols
  • Smart Contracts

We are excited to hear what features everyone wants to see in this second version of the protocol website. Please share and discuss here.

DBGrow has enjoyed deepening our relationships with members of the Factom Marketing Committee, the Factom Documentation Committee, and people throughout the ecosystem over the past few months working on the factom protocol website, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration on this important piece of our ecosystem.
To start, I want to thank everyone involved in contributing their time to build the protocol site. One thing you can rely on is that people will always underestimate the amount of effort that goes into doing so.

With the above in mind, knowing that this is not a small undertaking and may not be an option for "v2", I would like to recommend an approach for the Enterprise Solutions section of the site (which may require a renaming to something like "Adoption", if done). I've outlined a rough idea in my reply on a separate thread here: https://factomize.com/forums/threads/organizations-involved-with-the-factom-protocol.410/#post-12871
Additionally, everyone should take a look at Dash's new website: https://www.dash.org/

That is what happens when you pay tons of $ for a website, then decide its not good enough and pay a ton of $ to make a new one almost immediately after. :LOL:

It's always good to look at what comes out of the highest end work done in crypto marketing.

Lots of things to take away, even interesting design choices. Ie, 3 navigation groups "individual, business, developer", but multiple of the choices under each of those nav groups lead to the same page as choices under a different navigation group. It's an interesting user experience choice, and its good to be thinking about the way these other projects are presenting themselves, because design considerations for structuring a website for a decentralized crypto project is different than those of most websites.
...but multiple of the choices under each of those nav groups lead to the same page as choices under a different navigation group.
@Julian Fletcher-Taylor I think part of this is not only a design decision but also an attempt to understand their visitors. One of the things that's very difficult to understand is who is coming to your website and why. Until you have that, you can't surface the most appropriate information easily and your site tries to be "all things to everyone." You'll see something similar (except much more invasive) at http://www.jboss.org/