Federate This: 2020 Q2 Update

Previous Updates

--Develop “Off-Blocks”, a suite of applications for the airline industry

Fed This: Done


--Three Testnet nodes

--Apply for position of Testnet Administrator

Fed This: Done.


--Marketing delivered by Flight Attendants

Fed This: This initiative was not moved forward due to FCT price collapsing. We hope to pick it up when funds allow.

----Produce (and translate) targeted promotional packs - list of developers/clients
----Develop relationships

-- Discuss with Senior Airline Execs regarding blockchain implementation

Fed This: Done and expanding outside of Aviation.


--Produce a monthly summary

Fed This: We have switched to Quarterly in line with other ANOs.


2 nodes: 50%
1 node: 50%

Fed This: We have lowered recently to 20%. This is to address an imbalance in rewards : contribution. Our Enterprise Grade app will be released Jan 2019 for all to see. We hope to raise efficiency back to 50% asap.

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'Federate This' is pleased to provide an update on our activity.


1. Development Sprints.

We have reached number 32.

Each sprint is 2 weeks long. In the reporting period, these were focussed on bug fixing running up to the beta launch, fleshing out the user functions and now working on the Web portal, external signer experience, integrations and storage options.

2. DHS Work and License Agreement signed off.

As part of the DHS work with Factom, Inc. we integrated Harmony's Verifiable Credentials SDK into the Off-Blocks app. This allows us to assign W3C ID’s to users or objects e.g packages to track & trace.

Currently focussed on interoperability using W3C presentations between the cohort. This culminates in a Plugfest during April to mark the end of Phase 1.

3. Beta - Launch

We went public with our beta version of the product in early January. This gained a lot of twitter buzz, and has driven several additional business opportunities.
There were a number of bugs needed to be fixed, but we wanted to get it out there and start gaining feedback.

4. PR
  • CoinDesk - https://www.coindesk.com/off-blocks-launches-beta-version-of-factom-backed- digital-signature-service
  • Crypto Ninjas – Off-Blocks launches eSignature platform on the Factom blockchain
  • AIthority – Off-Blocks Harnesses Factom Protocol to Launch Digital Signature Platform
  • MarTechSeries – Off-Blocks Harnesses Factom Protocol to Launch Digital Signature
  • Satoshi Nakamoto Blog – Off-Blocks launches eSignature platform on the Factom
    blockchain » CryptoNinjas
  • Cryptopys – Off-Blocks launches eSignature platform on the Factom blockchain
  • HedgeMaven – Off-Blocks launches eSignature platform on the Factom blockchain
  • de.0xzx – Off-Blocks starter die eSignature-Plattform in der Factom-Blockchain

5. Opportunities

Global Maker Challenge - https://makingprosperity.com. Applied for a competition to bring “Peace and Justice” by bringing via free legal tools to the developing World. This is focussed on or Evidence feature of our application.

Successfully applied to the Dubai Smartpreneuer competition, coming in Summer. We are through to the Top 50, and will undergo a 4 day pitch competition, after which the Top 10 advance to the 2020 World Expo happening in Dubai later this year.


6. App Store Launch

After a couple of weeks, we moved ahead with a production version of the Off-Blocks app. This entailed fixing some ‘showstopper’ bugs before uploading to the App Store.

The main purpose of this was to allow testing by large customers. As asking non-tech users to download Testflight and do a manual distribution was proving a considerable barrier.

7. Content
Wrote a couple of blog articles to accompany our posts. These can be found on the Off-Blocks Newsroom.

Wrote and updated a Digital Signatures Presentation that we are distributing to help secure opportunities.

Making demo videos of the product to help with the sales cycles.

We raised to 50% back in December due to the low FCT price, and continue to do so to protect the grant pool.

Core Committee and Discord Moderator.

We look forward to another busy quarter.
Current Update: Federate This: 2020 Q2 Update
Hi Everyone -

Please find our update below. We've had another very busy quarter.



  • Alongside Sphereon, we worked the US. DHS grant with Factom Inc. Initially we were just licensing the app for use, but after Inc had manpower troubles we stepped in on the protocols behalf. There's really two parts - One technical orientated, and the other a business case. We earned Inc the full $200k after a successful showing at Plugfest - where we needed to demonstrate interoperability of our VC implementation.
  • We were the only solution with an issuer/verifier on Mobile, and only one of 3 that passed all tests.
  • As another milestone - we developed a web platform for issuing Verifiable Employee/Citizen Credentials onto an Off-Blocks mobile wallet.
  • The use case was to prevent forgery of import documentation for raw materials into the US. A complex supply chain tracking Timber from harvest to port.
  • We are following up with the major Timber importers/exporters and trade boards to carry on this development into a commercial solution. US Customs has been offering a period of tariff-free imports to those who bring the tech to market; That is a huge economic incentive to adopt.

European Commission

  • Off-Blocks has been selected for a similar/competing European Commission programme to develop SSI, DIDs and VC's. There are two parallel calls: Firstly for businesses to develop solutions, and the other for infrastructure.
  • This programme kicks off next week and provides us equity-free funding based on assessed milestones. It is competitive, so not all companies progress through to each phase.
  • Based off our current work in the space and existing product, we were chosen as one of 21 companies. At the moment we use native ID's - this call will see us introduce Factom DIDs as we revamp the onboarding process.

  • Development sprints continue. Work in the period has been mainly focussed on refactoring annotations to PDFs and form fields. We have also transitioned towards CI/CD and upgrading the DevOps side of things.
  • A major release deployed last week on the App Store. With 5 months of work going into it. It features many bug fixes and performance improvements. Importantly it now allows access to the Web Portal for requesting/tracking signature requests.
  • There is still a lot of work to be done. We have a long list of UI/UX, or bug fixes to address. But the bulk of the tech is now successfully implemented.
  • We are now adding Admin panels, user roles/permissions, and payment options as we look forward to a commercial release of a self-serve B2B SaaS in the Fall.

Business Development/Roadmap

  • Notably a US-based real estate company has recently signed up. I'm fortunate to be able to work with Sphereon to deploy these bespoke requirements and workflows.
  • Other large projects are under discussion. The question is if we have the manpower to cover them all - we have a lot on our plate already. It's nice to have organisations reach out to us and ask for solutions to their pain points.
  • Purchased an expensive new domain, for the upcoming name change. You didn't think we were going with 'Off-Blocks' did you?? No seriously, Off-Blocks was a perfect name for the original use case, in aviation. Since its inception, the scope of our solution has rapidly grown, and we needed a more appropriate brand name to cover the broader application.
  • We have made the classic mistake of building too much. We are in the process of separating this out into 3 distinct products that are essentially deployable today, with 5 total envisioned.
  • At the end of the year, with a launched product range, revenue and government programmes backing us - we'll be looking for an external investor to come onboard to propel these Factom based solutions into a global market. The funding will be used to quickly push down our own roadmap, transition from a bootstrapped project into a full-time venture and bring major usage to the Factom Protocol.


Marketing WG

  • We won a grant for a simple strategy. Given the announcements from Inc - The main goal was damage control, to have something in place rather than a black hole. We have re-established channels with Blockfolio, and Delta Direct and post on Twitter. It is a challenge when some of the comments are quite unhelpful, we're battling uphill here. The name and reputation of Factom is so negative to the point of being aggressive; people go out of their way to post shitty comments.
  • The other part of the grant was to build an investor focussed website. This was designed and the copy was written, however it has not gone into production for two reasons 1) GWG mandating that only one website shall be used to avoid confusion. 2) Website Committee pushing ahead with their now-released version. This portion of the funds remains with the WG until further notice.
  • Marketing WG is following up on the previous explainer video project, to try to resolve the situation and get it published.
  • Appeared on the BlockVenture Podcast to discuss my vision for the Factom Protocol.
  • We've set up a google sheet which allows us to generate ideas for posts/tweets etc when stuck for things to write about.

  • I've been an active moderator on Discord. Taking various initiative, setting up channels, changing permissions etc.
  • I boosted the server out of pocket, giving more flexibility and fun for members.

  • After proposing a 'business roadmap' - the GWG has reached out to bring some suggestions to the in-progress GWG Roadmap rather than work independently.

Thanks to everyones support. Feel free to reach out for a chat any time.

It's a tough time for us all, and change is needed. Let's keep it friendly and make it a positive change with better prognosis!