Governance Working Group Update 3

This is the 3rd and final update from the Governance working Group.

Governance Working Group Final Report

Following the decision to remove the guides the Governance Working Group was established via GWG Formation on 20 March 2020 with an initial objective of identifying and resolving all the parts of the existing governance structure that dealt with the guide role.

There were five initial participants, two former Guides - Niels and Nolan, two ANO representatives - Vidale and Mike and one Community representative - Keith.

The group provided the first update to the community on 23 March 2020 when the initial objectives were confirmed, method of working established and the approach to processing the changes as a package further developed. This was accompanied by the minutes of the first meeting.

Given the extent of the Guide removal related changes, arrangements were made to process the changes as a package by making suitable enabling changes to Doc002 v.3.0 - Administration of Governance and Community Documents which were approved by the Standing Parties on 19 April 2020.

The group subsequently developed, debated and processed updates to 12 Governance documents. These were ratified here by the Standing Parties by 8 May 2020.

At this time the group moved onto its second objective of planning further fundamental changes to the protocol designed to improve the governance model and make it capable of navigating current and future challenges.

This work started with an assessment of the protocol’s governance challenges, was followed by a period of research into a range of potential solutions and culminated in a selection of solutions which together addressed a number of current problems. The objective was to build on what others had created, while also creating a stronger foundation for further, future iterations.

The progress of the work was reported in the groups 2nd update on 5 June 2020 when we also announced that community member Hinamatsuri had joined the group.

Unfortunately following the decision by BIF to move to more of an infra-only ANO role Niels left the group on 20 June.

In the interim the first draft of the proposed changes was produced and debated by the Working Group. Coincidentally Jason Gregoire approached us with a well thought through and complementary set of proposals. These were simply too valuable to not be included and Jason started to work with certain members of the GWG to integrate them, a hotly debated process.

By 9 July 2020 this integrated proposal was able to be put before the community

On 23 July, some 123 days after the formation of the Working Group the voting concluded with 11 out of 19 ANOs voting in favour and thus creating a mandate for a new Working Group to carefully manage the implementation of the agreed proposals. The Governance Working Group therefore considers that its objectives are complete.. During this process it has sought to keep all members of the community informed about direction and progress. In line with the requirements of Doc 006 - Working Group & Committee Framework - Version 2.0.2 we submit this Final Report and will now disband.

We would like to express our appreciation to those who contributed to the Group’s work and to the Standing Parties, ANOs and Community members who have supported, contributed, questioned and challenged in order to make the proposed Governance improvements the best they could be.
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