Grant Round 2020.3 Final Amount

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Do you approve the value of 120,000 FCT for grant round 2020.3?

  • I do not approve the 2020.3 grant round amount of 120,000 FCT

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In accordance with Doc 107, the Standing Parties must approve the grant round amount with 3/5 vote.

I propose we approve the final 2020.3 amount of 120,000 FCT. For the sake of time, I would like to see the poll become active immediately. perhaps an admin can assist?

Here is a breakdown of the report I ran on block 257632:

Current block: 257632
Current round: 2020.3
Activation block: 259626
Payout block: 260626
Payout date: 2020-09-01
Existing Grant Pool: 99157
Grant round contribution to payout date: 27069
Grant pool at payout date: 124963.74


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