HashnStore: Q2 2019 Update

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Here is our Update for Q2 2019.

Infrastructure Contributions
HashnStore continues to be responsive on Mainnet in case of alerts or updates. HashnStore continues to dedicate 4 Testnet Nodes. We also pledge to participate to the PegNet Mainnet as soon as it is launched.

Local electricity market platform PoC
Following our PoC on a Local electricity market platform, with the cooperation of a team of students from ECE Paris, we have convinced our partner EIFER to co-finance alongside HashnStore an intership to further this exploratory work. You can find this offer here. If you know any students potentially interested in this position, please feel free to contact us directly on Discord and by email (see attached file).

ECE Courses S1 2020
The project mentioned above was conducted while being overseen by the ECE (a French Computer Science School) Energy section manager; as a result of this project, he has invited us to give an introduction course to Blockchain technology in front of ~100 students. This course will include a theoretical part and even more important a practical part to implement an energy use case. Overall, this course should last 15h.

We have proposed to use both Ethereum and Factom protocols in order to provide the students with the opportunity to work with two different approaches. This course should give the students easy-to-use tools to help them build on top of a blockchain. We would be happy to collaborate with the FAT team to create such an illustrative use case. @Julian Fletcher-Taylor @Paul Bernier @Matt York

Depending on the courses topics, there could be an opportunity to a collaboration with MaxCollab team. @TroyWiipongwii @damo

Raising Awareness

Institutional contacts
Thanks to a French Deputy, we managed to get an introduction with the manager of a leading European Cyber-Security Forum. We will leverage this opportunity as soon as we can.

Enterprise contacts
We are still in contact with several companies and we want to demonstrate them in the coming weeks the capability of our solution (see below) developed on top of Factom.

HashnStore X Factom : Development and announcement of Validity

As mentioned in our previous newsletters we have been working for the past 10 months to develop an end-to-end solution with dedicated APIs for one partner company . The more time we spent developing this project, the broader its application became clear to us. We are happy to announce our solution Validity to the Factom community.

More information we will be published in the coming weeks alongside the release of the website. We will keep you informed on our solution, its progress and our vision.
Thank you guys for your comments and for proposing your help. This is much appreciated.

The goal of this course will be to give 4h-5h of theory and 10h of practice.
The first needs we have is to explain as simply as possible the 2 different approaches between ETH and FCT.
One of the hurdles we face is that the Ethereum model is the dominant view of what a 'Smart Contract' is.

So we are always looking for new ways of explaining the difference between that on-chain approach vs. the Event-Sourcing pattern being used by FAT.
Thanks for your interest Matt. As you said this is key to start to open the mind of the students on where the value really is in a smart contract implementation.
Do you already have some ressources to share (PPT presentations, Documents, Videos..) on that aspect @Matt York ?
In any case, we will share our slides with you guys.

We would be very happy to provide you with anything you need with FAT.
I am also currently updating and streamlining a quick start guide with premade identities and EC source so that people can get issuing and transacting tokens within minutes, which I'll make sure you get.
Let us know anything you need along the way.
Thank you Julian. Definitely, when this start guide is ready please do not hesitate to share it with us. When do you think this will be finalised?

What we would like to do with the students is to focus on one very specific brick of an energy use case. There are several simple options:
- Emitting a green certificate for each kWh produced; e.g. : a generation asset would emit a token representing such a reneweable certificate for each kWh produced to the address of the asset owner ; this asset owner could then sell these certificates.
- Calculating the clearing price of an auction with bids and asks representing electricity sellers/buyers; e.g. : this auction would be implented through a smart-contract ; optionally this would trigger the payment by the electricty buyers to the sellers.
- Other possibilities dependings on current FAT capabilities?

What do you think of the above? Can FAT be used for these uses cases? Is there any other examples you foresee? Matt I remember you implemented something similar to an auction smart-contract. Would this be easily re-usable?

(I tag @Frédéric Faye who will be working on the practical part)
Working on the FAT report recently gave me some context and better language to be able to describe this a bit better - I should try to capture some of this in writing.

I did an older POC for an auction - the technique I was using has changed a little so I'll try to re-implement this as a POC for testing out the new WASM smart contracts that are currently being developed.
I can have that done quick, will send you that in the next few days.

Ya these all could totally be done in FAT. We could even take one of these that we decide on and use it as a test case as we develop smart contracts.

And basically if you can codify what you want to do as a set of rules, and those rules act on data that is stored on factom, then its within FATs capabilities once smart contracts are live.

I would be happy to brainstorm this with you in a few days. Could be a good trial for how people learn to work with FAT and what grabs people.
@Matt York : Thanks Matt ; let us know when you will have found some time for writing your vision of the 2 approaches. And we would be very interested in this new WASM approach of an auction.

@Julian Fletcher-Taylor : If you provide us an example of codification we can start working on this right now. And definitely we are available for brainstorming on this with you. We can continue by PM I guess.
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