HashnStore: Q2 2020 Update

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Here is our Update for Q2 2020.

ECE Courses S1 2020

As a reminder, we gave an introduction course of 15 hrs to 100 students in a computer science engineering school the first quarter. The course was split between a theoretical part and a practical part. During this practical session, we have used Factom technology for 2 groups and Ethereum for 1 group. For the students using Factom we have introduced the use of FAT, token emission, off chain smart contract publishing and execution.

Overall, this first teaching experience of the blockchain technology and more specifically Factom has been very positive. We have already been solicited to teach an extra year for 2021 and we think about extending our courses. This will be a good opportunity to test in real life the FAT technology and to help create pedagogical material to promote it.

Moreover, this course has been given (for the Ethereum part) with our research partner in the energy field EIFER.

HashnStore project: Validity

We have kept on developing our platform these lasts months. We have structured our platform around 3 main services: one for signatures, another one for the intellectual property and the last one for the supply chain.

We want to make this platform available online this summer. We are finalizing the last details. Only the 2 first services will be available through this web app at first.

On the marketing side, we were forced to stop the prospect of customers these last months due to the COVID19 crisis but we have started again very recently. We have managed to enter into contact with a quite large smart home company. We will discuss with them the use of our solution for protecting their intellectual property.

We firmly believe in the success of our platform along with the Factom protocol which perfectly fits our needs (see Governance for more info).

Lawyer collaboration

We are still in contact with a (top) lawyer specialized in blockchain technology and GDPR. We currently maintain this relationship in the context of our project Validity. We are ready to leverage this contact for the Factom ecosystem if needed.


We are at an efficiency of 30% since mid of October 2019. We plan to maintain at this level for the next months.

Infrastructure Contributions

HashnStore continues to be responsive on Mainnet in case of alerts or updates and continues to dedicate 4 nodes. HashnStore dedicates 3 Nodes to the Tesnet and also 1 FATD node.

Standing system

We will update our scoring sheet later this month.
As a reminder, we have put in place our own score grid. We base our scores on 4 different categories: Operations, Governance, Efficiency and Contribution (outside grant work). Each category has a weight of 25 points. You need 40 to get our support.


Lasts weeks we have observed some very negative reactions from actors who used to enjoy a prominent position in the ecosystem. We think this is very unfortunate and this makes their opinion and their actions very difficult to understand.

The more we progress in the development and the marketing of our Validity solution the more we feel the need to stabilize and develop the Factom protocol. We need to react positively to this challenge and not to flee away. We still have the opportunity to benefit from a well thought protocol which has many advantages. Moreover, we have very talented developers in our ecosystem. Fortunately, these talented and productive developers are not necessary the ones who have left.

In order to keep this advantage, we will need to focus the next grant rounds on these resources. We should not underestimate what has been realized by them these last years.

Many grants in the past have been dedicated to finance what appears now like non-essential works. Due to the current scarcity of the ecosystem HashnStore will mainly vote for core and infrastructure grants with the following priorities that we consider crucial for the future of our ecosystem:

  • Decentralized and automated restart system – a proposal by Alex from Factoshi has already been made
  • Decentralizing FCT/EC Oracle
  • Decentralizing the BTC/ETH anchoring
  • Automating the ANO demotion through on chain vote
  • Introduction of staking
We are ready to actively participate in the establishment of a comprehensive roadmap which would include these elements and to dedicate the whole resources of the ecosystem on these priorities. We will look forward to reading the new proposal of the GWG.
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