HashnStore: Q4 2019 Update

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You can read our Q4 2019 Update here (link to be updated).


Here is our Update for Q4 2019.

Infrastructure Contributions
HashnStore continues to be responsive on Mainnet in case of alerts or updates and continues to dedicate 4 nodes. HashnStore dedicates 3 Nodes to the Tesnet.

Local electricity market platform PoC
Following our PoC on a Local electricity market platform, with the cooperation of a team of students from ECE Paris, we are still partnering with EIFER on this. But progress has been slow recently on this. We still maintain this collaboration topic and consider the courses given in this computer science school (see below) as an opportunity to involve students.

ECE Courses S1 2020
As mentioned in our previous update, we have been invited by the ECE (a French Computer Science School) to give an introduction course of 15 hrs to Blockchain technology in front of ~100 students (one French section and one international section). This course will include a theoretical part (6 hrs) and even more important a practical part (9 hrs) to implement an energy use case.
We have planned to implement the practical part using the Factom Protocol. We will mention the TFA project among others as examples of what is possible to realize with blockchain technology in the energy sector. This course should give the students easy-to-use tools to help them build on top of a blockchain and to give them a first idea of how to use this technology in their field.

First courses will be given from this week till march.

Raising Awareness

Institutional contacts
Thanks to a French Deputy, we managed to get an introduction with the manager of a leading European Cyber-Security Forum. We did not yet try to leverage this opportunity.

Academic contacts

We have started discussing with a researcher from a French reasearch institute working on Verifiable Credential to look after a potential collaboration. They have been working on the topic for several years. Nothing tangible at this stage. We will let know the interested parties within our ecosystem. A second meeting with the whole group of researcher and with Valentin from Factomatic should be held in the coming weeks.

HashnStore project: Validity

Technical aspect

We have been releasing a test version of our solution to a set of interested parties. We got some very positive feedback. As a reminder, this version has been developed last year. We are ready to implement the new identity format once the full release of the grant is done. Moreover, we are ready to change our signature scheme if possible, to comply with a common Factom standard.

To be noticed, our dev pushed one PR to the Factom identity lib of Luap.

Commercial aspect

We have started presenting our solution and got very good feedback from one potential customer. A second meeting will be held with this company to work on an already identified use case and to brainstorm on others.

Law aspect

We are still in contact with a (top) lawyer specialized in blockchain technology and GDPR. We currently maintain this relationship in the context of our project Validity. We are ready to leverage this contact for the Factom ecosystem if needed.


We have been one of the early participants of Orax. We have realized some meetups in Paris last year for presenting PegNet. We are now trying to develop the French community by answering questions on the French social networks (FR Telegram and FR PegNet channel). We will certainly be organizing new meetups and present the project during some events in Paris in the coming months.


We are now at an efficiency of 30% since mid of October 2019. We plan to maintain at this level for the next months.

We will start to convert part of our reward to pFCT (10%) and increase gradually along the evolution of the project.

We would like to remind that while the token was much higher in value and while many parties decreased their efficiency during these days, we maintained our efficiency at 50% from our onboarding till October 2019.
Now that the impact of an efficiency decrease is much less important in dollar terms and as we observe some interest for our solution, we do consider this is the best move for ourselves and the protocol with a limited impact.


We are actively participating in the Governance discussions always giving our own point of view. We have been challenging some overdue grants. We do think we need a healthy ecosystem to make our protocol successful. Being frustrating about some situations does not help if you do not react accordingly. Being afraid of possible consequences has never (NEVER) been a winning situation.

Working Groups

We participated last year to the Testnet Working group. Thank you Mike for leading this.
We do not plan to participate in the new Marketing Committee.
Based on our bandwidth and our skills, we may consider participating to other working groups.
Attached is our preliminiray score grid. A score above "40" gives you our support.
We will ask questions to people below 40 before effectively removing standing.

Important point: We do not consider grant work and guide work as part of the ANO standing. These are different standing and receive specific remuneration for these responsabilities.


You are viewing an older update. There is a newer update available.