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Hi everyone,
Based-on the "Factom Director Period - Comment Period" thread and vote, I will be moving forward with a formal Director Governance proposal. @Hinamatsuri reached out, offering to help. If anyone else would like to help, please DM me in Discord (@matt24). Thanks!

In the meantime, because the issue of "Who the actual Director could be" is crucial, I will be soliciting informal nominations. Once I have nominations, I will reach out to be people to see if they would be interested (non-binding, as it is tough to officially commit without seeing the final Governance proposal). If the Director Governance proposal passes, then we will proceed to formal Director nominations. Obviously, this process is a bit clunky, but I want to make sure all standing parties/ANOs have as much information as possible before the formal Director Governance proposal vote discussion and vote occurs.

1. Informal nominations are officially open and will last for 6 days
  • You can email (newly setup email address) with the person you would like to see be a Director. This allows people to anonymously nominate people. For transparency purposes, I have setup auto-forwarding to @Hinamatsuri
  • Nominations can also be Direct Messaged via Discord (@matt24 or @Hinamatsuri )
  • You can also reply in this thread with who you would like to informally nominate

2. After the 6 day informal nomination period has concluded, I will make all nominations Public
3. In the meantime, we will work on completing the Director Governance proposal document (will take more than 6 days)
4. Once done, I will reach out to each individual (sharing the Director Governance document) to see if they would be interested in being Director (non-binding committal)
5. We will then put up the Director Governance proposal for a formal Governance vote with a list of names of people potentially willing to run if the proposal passes
6. If the proposal passes, those people would run in a formal election if they still choose to do so (other people could still throw their hat into the ring for Director also).


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