Sticky Information for prospective Authority Node Operators

A sincere welcome to those interested in becoming a Factom Protocol Authority Node Operator (ANO). Please use this forum to introduce yourselves and ask any questions you may have. You may also join us in our community chat on Discord.

About Authority Node Operators

Factom Protocol Authority Node Operators (ANOs) are the international coalition of companies that provide the infrastructure that decentralizes the Factom Protocol. In return for their services, they receive up to 1,123 FCT (the market traded token of the protocol) per month, per server they operate. All ANOs currently run two servers (they will go down to one in the future) and thus earn up to 2,246 FCT per month. You can see the current price of FCT here to compute potential revenue from operating a company.

Anyone can apply to become an ANO, the hard part is getting elected as there are always other teams applying. So far there have been two rounds of elections;

– Round #1: 38 applicants, 21 were selected.
– Round #2: 16 applicants, 6 were selected.

Efficiency and Types of Authority Node Operators

An ANO’s “efficiency” is the percentage of FCT they set to forego receiving from the protocol as they don’t need it to operate because they are so “efficient”. This FCT instead goes into the Factom grant pool. You can see the current ANO efficiency rates here. What this means is that if you're at ANO at 40% efficiency, the total amount of FCT you receive per month is 1,347.6 (2,246 x 60% = 1,347.6).

A. Infrastructure ANO - The provide outstanding uptime for their servers to ensure the protocol is decentralized. Infrastructure ANOs tend to operate at 60% efficiency+. Infrastructure ANOs are expected to take part in governance processes.

B. Development, Marketing, Other Type ANO - These are ANOs who not only provide outstanding uptime for their servers, but also perform some other task(s) to further the protocol. These tasks may be development, marketing, or some other type of task that supports operating at a reduced efficiency. These types of ANOs are also expected to take part in governance processes.

How to become an Authority Node Operator

1. Read the application process seen here.

2. Spin up a testnet server so you can familiarize yourself with running an Authority Server and demonstrate competence.

3. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the ANO Expectations Document.

4. Begin to form a campaign strategy and determine what sort of ANO you will be.The existing ANOs and their teams can be seen here.

5. If you have any questions, please ask!

6. It is suggested that you become acquainted with how our governance process works. You can educate yourself here.

7. Apply when the election round starts as outlined in the document linked in step 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do ANOs have to be a company?

A. Yes. Authority Node Operators must be companies, not individuals or sole proprietorship. It is ok to not be incorporated during the application process, but it is expected that you will do so very quickly after a successful election bid.

Q. How are ANOs removed from the Authority Set?

A. That process is described in this document.

Q. Can I see the question and answer portion of past ANO elections?

A. You can see those archived here.
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