M4 Checklist

Hey all -

Just dropping a 'To Do' checklist for the items we're thinking about having for an 'M4' type of event. The aim is to flesh out the details, assign teams to it, discuss items and generally see how the timelines and funding requirements will be.

The purpose is to focus on what we have already discussed, agreed, or funded and package these into marketable event that we can all get behind.

I'm proposing in 10 months time, around the anniversary of M3 we'd want these items done.

  • NPO (Foundation)
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Executive Committee
  • Committees established
  • FPoS - WG
  • Limiting FCT supply
  • US Exchange
  • ETH bridge
  • Investor Funnels/Materials
  • Factom 2.0 - Phase I.
  • Wax Release

We need to finish up remaining discussions and look towards designing implementation. And think about what we want to fund over the next few grant rounds.

We need to get FCT into an investable state.
Colin, the sheer lack of respect and professionalism here is staggering. You are plainly removing content you do not like (twice now). Content that is very relevant to the discussion. We are not a dictatorship, we are each others equals.

I repeat my stance. A discussion like this needs a vision and not some random projects thrown together to make M4.
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Your want to see a grand vision is not relevant to this discussion.

This thread is about combining approved or underway projects into one marketable event.

If the thread was titled “marketing checklist” you’d have no issue.

I should not have to ask you to allow a discussion to happen without you first trolling it, imposing yourself and stifling any subsequent comments.

Please start your own thread where you are free to talk about a grand vision for the protocol.
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Your want to see a grand vision is not relevant to this discussion.
That is your opinion. My opinion as I explained is that you do not work from the bottom up to throw something together and hope it succeeds. You come with a top down vision, plan and execution.

You have successfully ensured that I will shut up, but will add this, this isn't a professional approach. Not to me, not to others and not to the protocol.
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