Mid-quarter update: 300K client onboarded, LoggerHead announce, Skolkovo presentation, current activities, efficiency

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Hello community!
We decided to put our recent press releases together into this update and report about our current activities.

1) Our first customer is onboarded on Factom mainnet
The customer uses Factom to store immutable logs of own servers (data servers & surveillance system servers). Factom® Enterprise API, provided by De Facto, is used for writing and validating entries into multiple chains on the Factom blockchain.

Press release on Reddit:
2) We introduced our open-source LoggerHead project
Initially we wanted to name it WatchTower, but decided to rename it to LoggerHead to not conflict with this & this WatchTowers.

Press release on Reddit:

LoggerHead project progress:
1. We released private beta-version, that allows to collect logs from any Linux & Linux-based servers (which used by NAS manufacturers) and write it into Factom chain.
2. To keep it lightweight, we decided not to store logs internally into LoggerHead.
Instead, logs will be read directly from the blockchain & decrypted in the UI.
3. After Open API release, the Open API client will be integrated into LoggerHead to read & search data in the chains.
4. Then LoggerHead solution will be published as open-source under MIT license.


3) We pitched Factom in Russian Innovation Center Skolkovo
In February we presented Factom protocol and discuss it with experts in Skolkovo.
Our aim is to start utilizing Factom Blockchain in the Gov and commercial products advocating for it's usage via Skolkovo.

According to the Skolkovo rules, any tech-company may become Skolkovo Resident or Skolkovo Partner.
To become a resident, we have to be an inventors of the Protocol, and as Factom Authority Node Operator, we can not be a Resident.
To become a partner, we need to grow up to the medium-size company, have enterprise client onboarded & significant BaaS/integration income.

Skolkovo agreed on unique advantages of the Factom Protocol and they wait us to submit as a Partner in future, when we become bigger.
We will continue working to get into Skolkovo as a Partner.

4) Current activities

4.1) Factom Open API
We were awarded to develop Factom Open API — open-source REST API for Factom blockchain.
We started to develop it in February, before grant payout.
The development is in active phase right now, and I may share, that we are going to develop some additional features, that were not described in the initial grant proposal:

A. Open API will be integrated with Swagger standards, that means:
— Open API documentation will be generated automatically using Swagger, and in the future, when API will be updated, the documentation will be updated automatically as well
— Open API REST clients (for JS, Go, PHP and etc) will be generated automatically using Swagger

B. Open API design allows to have multiple endpoints and a single API database, that means:
— You may setup a load balancer for connecting multiple Open API endpoints together (increasing stability of your server), and connect them to the remote or cloud Postgres database.

API is being developed on Golang, so community developers may join the project in the future.

The detailed update for this grant will be provided later by our sponsor Jay Cheroske.

4.2) Factom Open Node Enhancement
De Facto and Bedrock Solutions are debugging factomd behaviour to create a robust design of monitoring algorithm of Open Node.
Additionally, we are exploring libraries for creating decentralized monitoring system, where 2 or 3 monitoring servers will work in consensus to detect Open Node Pool's nodes states.
The detailed update for this grant will be provided later.

4.3) Second client into pipeline
Our second client tested LoggerHead solution and waiting till it will be ready to start using it.

4.4) Singapore-located Factomd node will be pledged to Open Node Pool
We setup and run Factomd mainnet node in the Asia region (Singapore).
Right now, the node is used for test & development purposes, but after both Open API & Open Node Enhancements grants will be completed, we will pledge our Singapore node into the pool of Open Node and continue to maintain it — free of charge.

4.5) Factomd bug found
While exploring factomd behaviour for Open Node grant project, we found a bug into factomd (both in current mainnet 6.2.0 and the latest 6.2.1-rc2).
We explored it, created a GitHub issue with detailed description and the screen recording.

4.6) Factom lib exploring
While developing Open API, I continue exploring Factom lib, functions and data structures.

5) Efficiency
We continue operating at 35% efficiency.

As many other developer ANOs, we will revise our efficiency quarterly, starting from the next quarter.
That doesn't mean we will change efficiency on the 01/04 or 01/07.

As a startup, there are a lot of conditions that we have to take into account, including hiring additional developers or sales, FCT market conditions, our activities and commitment to the protocol and etc.

I know, that De Facto pledged to operate at 35%/25% in our ANO application, but there are a lot of things, that rapidly change. Many ANOs pivoted from their initial pledges and it's not bad — on the contrary, we, Operators, have to be flexible to any changes, look for growth points and develop/promote/use the protocol.


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