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Hi Factom Community,

I'm applying through my own LLC to be represented through a corporate entity while separating myself from my role at Consensus Networks.

About Me:
I've got a bachelor's in Systems Engineering from the United States Naval Academy and went on to qualify as a nuclear engineer in the United States nuclear navy. After my time in the Navy, I received a master's of science from the University of Notre Dame, during which time I helped found Consensus Networks, becoming CEO in 2018. We got involved in Factom shortly after that and have long been believers in the long term value of Factom. My company is continuing to grow and provides infrastructure services to variety of blockchains while also working on the development of our product HealthNet, an integrated data environment for medical supply chains. Because of our involvement with other blockchains as well as current usage of the Factom blockchain in HealthNet for conflict of interest reasons with my customers, I am choosing to apply separately from Consensus Networks.

My Desire to be on the Council:
About a year ago I became the testnet administrator, a role that was primarily ceremonial. Previous testnet admins were only able to coordinate user onboarding but little else. I consolidated the position, getting the ability to promote servers and run load tests overall improving the efficiency of the position. In the end, I wasn't able to accomplish all I set out to do, specifically advancing more frequent and automated testing, as well as being powerless during a testnet stall. What I did learn, however, was the need for improved governance in the protocol that forces engagement and improvement of processes and doesn't rely on single points of failure (e.g. network stalls). This was definitely a factor behind my change in mindset to support a director over the current "decentralized" approach. My role in Consensus Networks also exposed me to many different network and governance protocols, like Proof of Stake, and, as I've said before, we need to move in a direction that allows and encourages more participation in the protocol from outside individuals and entities. I believe the director should be given a lot of autonomy to drive the roadmap of the protocol to achieve more users and usage and I feel my role is to act in a checks-and-balance role (what can I say, I'm American;)). I believe my role will consist of oversight of the director, ensuring he can do what needs to be done. I think my overall experience makes me suited for a more general role as I have both technology management and blockchain governance experience in a variety of blockchains.

500 FCT/mo. I think it's reasonable. I was trying to figure out how I could ask for long call options instead, but let's just keep it simple.

Conflicts of Interest:

I am very much interested in the future of Factom - my conflicts of interest I think would only be perceived by my potential customers who could see my company as trying to sell a product they have an external interest in. For that reason I'm applying separately from Consensus Networks.

I am optimistic about the future of Factom, as always, and I think we are turning things in the right direction. Thank you for your consideration in this important matter and I look forward to answering any questions. Happy to go into more detail in any area you'd like to discuss.
Thanks Nate for submitting your candidacy.
You have been the testnet administrator for more than 1 year which is an accomplishment by itself !

I would like to get more information on the value you could bring to the protocol through this new council position.

1. Based on your profile which is quite technical, I was more inclined to see you submitting your candidacy for the technical seat. Could you expand further why you think you better suit in the general seat?
2. Part of the responsability of the council is the "mission statement". Coul you tell us what is your view on the mission statement of Factom? What is your vision?
3. Do you foresee any important differences between your vision and the one of the current Factom Director ? If yes, what compromises would you be ready to consider ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.
Thanks Matthias!

1. Although I have done different technical things in my time, I wouldn't consider myself a technical expert in software/blockchain development (CTO type stuff). I'm comfortable with the tech but didn't think of myself as the face of the technical side of the council. I also enjoy the governance side of blockchain and as such felt that general was best suited for me. Happy to reconsider if others feel I have the technical chops!

2. My vision for Factom is a scalable digital information layer operating as a second layer to Bitcoin. Factom provides the ability to do two very valuable things imo: 1. Scalable immutability of data, which has many applications in regulated fields such as the government and healthcare. 2. Digital Asset creation. NFTs are becoming a big deal suddenly but Factom has been talking about this for quite awhile. Whether it's identity documents or licenses (or art), Factom can be the layer that creates, stores, and shares these things. I think with Niel's leadership we are well positioned to take advantage of these two areas.

3. There are two things I think Factom needs to do ASAP. The first is a hardcap on the currency, the second is introduce a form of staking/open investment to allow new people to join the protocol and earn Factom vice waiting for number go up. I'm not 100% sure how Niels will prioritize this or that his overall opinion matches mine on this. I'm also not sure the community supports my desires completely either. So, in this case, I would defer to Niels to understand the needs of the community, build support, and implement what is best for Factom. If he can get broad support for alternate ideas than what I just laid out, I'd defer to him on that.
Hi @Nate Miller , thanks for running!

I've always found your viewpoints to be well-thought-out. While many people blurt out their initial reaction/opinion without doing a deep dive, it's clear that you take the time to think through all the different angles and nuances of governance proposals, grants, etc. before formulating an opinion.

This is exactly the type of deep thinking, patience, and maturity I hope all council representatives possess, as these qualities are absolutely integral to our attempt at turning this ship around.
This is a question I will ask everyone:

Given the council is primarily responsible for the mission statement and oversight and thus operates more at a tactical level can you give me some examples or experience you have in this area or something that as closely resembles this role?

Basically why are you the right person for this job?
Thanks for the question Niels. I can think of a few examples:

1. During my time in the Navy I was the quality assurance officer (QA) for my submarine. This meant I was responsible for the oversight and training of personnel performing maintenance on subsafe (any material that could, if failed, let water into the submarine) and nuclear material. This may seem a little out of the realm of blockchain but I think a few elements translate well. First, I was often the person holding the submarine from going underway as I had final signoff that the submarine was seaworthy. This meant I was in the crosshairs of both the need to ensure maintenance was performed correctly (safety of ship and personnel) and the pressure from the squadron and captain to get out to sea. Although slightly less dramatic in this case, I see myself as once again in the middle where I must make sure the needs of the Factom protocol and community are met while ensuring the director has the flexibility to do what they need to do. Second, I had oversight of a large and important program, setting standards, managing training, and reviewing all maintenance; ensuring people are prepared and capable of doing their jobs.

2. In my role as CEO of Consensus Networks, I've been the Primary Investigator on several federal grants. In the role I'm responsible for the management of funds and research. I don't get to do whatever I want with the money and have to fulfill required accounting standards and answer to the federal government including any required audits. So, I've had experience managing funds with requirements attached to them, ensuring they are distributed correctly and in compliance with standards. I would take that same seriousness to this role where I would make sure processes are transparent to the community and that I am providing adequate oversight.
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