New Marketing Committee Chair

Factom Community,

This is my formal announcement of being elected the new chair of the marketing committee. As we all know, ramping-up marketing is crucial to our success. I look forward to spearheading those efforts and am excited about my new role. Below, you will find much of the outline I shared with the marketing committee prior to my election. Before stepping into the chair role I stated big structural changes were needed. I believe these changes are critical to our success. Therefore, I am sharing the outline with everyone.

Quick note - I will be posting the Marketing Roadmap shortly. There will be a presentation and I kindly ask that everyone attempt to attend so we can all be on the same page. There will also be a Q/A portion.


  • New Structure: There is a ton of work to do. As such, committee members and community members will need to own projects. I love feedback and input, but we need to be hyper-focused on deliverables and execution. Currently, we have too many Generals and not enough soldiers. Meaning, the committee, and community love giving advice, but aren’t interested in doing the heavy lifting. This must change if the protocol is to become a success.

  • Community Communication Management: Owning projects can be daunting knowing how the community has reacted in the past, but we can’t let that stand in our way. As chair, I will be the face of communication. I’ll deal with all the B.S. I will handle the criticism. I’ll deal with the headaches. Credit for successes will be attributed properly, but if mistakes/issues arise, I’ll be the one taking responsibility for them to the community. Working from a place of fear is not our model.

  • Decision Making: I sincerely wish we had the time to thoroughly discuss every decision that we needed to make. However, we don’t have that luxury. We need to sacrifice perfection for execution. As such, there will be decisions that I make unilaterally. I need everyone to be onboard with that. There will be unilateral decisions that people running projects make also. Once again, all of us need to be onboard with that. Certain decisions will be made as a group and certain ones won’t. You will not agree with every decision made by myself or the specific project managers. That’s just the reality. That’s also an environment that every successful company faces every day. If it works for them, it will work for us. No need to reinvent the wheel.

  • Commit or Eject: I am going to push hard. I would like a recommitment from everyone on the committee. If you are unwilling to push hard and want to step down, then there are no hard feelings. I know people have a lot going on. However, I do ask that if you tell me that “you’re in,” then you are “IN”. I will hold you to it. You also have my word that if you kick ass, I will make sure you get credit.

  • Efficiency: Go Immutable is an extremely active member of this community and we either serve or chair multiple committees. We already contribute around 40 hours a week to the Factom project. As a company, we cannot justify foregoing growing our outside business without at least covering some of our time. We are already personally making opportunity cost sacrifices (the loss of potential revenue from working this intensely on the Factom project as opposed to devoting our time to other revenue generating endeavors). Therefore, we will be temporarily lowering our efficiency as I step into the marketing chair role. Variables that could change this in the future would be a reduction in time needed, grant rounds etc... I want to be upfront with everyone about this.

Finally, I want everyone to know that, while the above is written in a very serious tone, we have to enjoy the process of helping to build the Factom Protocol into the enormous success that we all know it can be. I want us to have fun together and I will work hard to build a great environment. I believe there’s a high correlation between the happiness of those that are working on a project and that project’s success, so it’s actually imperative that we create a healthy working environment. Committee Members can expect to own projects, expect to work hard, and expect to have fun.

Greg Forst
@Greg Forst Thank you for this forthright, no-nonsense statement of your proposed approach to chairing the marketing committee. You are right that to make progress requires diligence and direction. You are right that we cannot afford to indulge ourselves in unnecessary debate and need to be very focused to drive the marketing of Factom forward. Marketing's not my favourite subject but I respect and value the results. You have my support and I look forward to great things in 2019.(y)