Process Discussion New Marketing Committee formation

Hi current/former Marketing Committee members and other interested parties. As people are probably aware, with the ratification of Document 006 ( all current working groups and committees need to be disbanded as new committees and working groups need to be formed according to the rules set out in Doc 006.

Instructions on the requirements are to be found in
The future core committee has already had a similar thread as this one at
Which resulted in this document for your inspiration:

I am tagging current members to kickstart discussion. This thread is not a formal thread. It is just meant to discuss and come up with a draft charter and people signaling their interest in joining, before going down the formal route as set out in Doc 006. One of the first things people need to discuss whether there is a need for a future Marketing committee or workgroup.

@Greg Forst @Keith Pincombe @Kevin Korbien @Brooke Glew @mboender @Matthias Fortin @Perly @Spencer B @Julian Fletcher-Taylor
@Greg Forst @Keith Pincombe @Kevin Korbien @Brooke Glew @mboender @Matthias Fortin @Perly @Spencer B @Julian Fletcher-Taylor Could we get your input please?

I am specifically addressing the current chairman to make sure this transition is being acted upon.
Thank you Niels, personally I feel unsure about the current situation here and I am trying to get a better understanding with my colleagues to see where we stand.

A working group for Marketing was started in the last call we had as a Marketing Committee, but it seems like we lost the thread on that.

What are you other people saying?
My current responsibilities are taking up so much of my time that it will be hard to contributie much in hours to the workgroup. That said, I’m always available to help anyone in the community that has a question or wants to chat about something business- or sales-related concerning the Factom Protocol.
Hey everyone, based on the responses above, my understanding is that the Marketing "Committee" will move forward as a working group. If that is the case, can those interested in participating in this working group please indicate their interest below?

@Julian Fletcher-Taylor @Keith Pincombe @Kevin Korbien @Brooke Glew @Perly @Matthias Fortin @Spencer B

I know that @Greg Forst is no longer the Chairman, but is interested in being involved with the working group.

I know that @mboender is interested in remaining in an advisory role, but perhaps not exactly in the working group; is that correct, Maarten?
Bumping this thread.

So far, I have only heard back from Perly, and have not heard back about confirmations to participate in this working group from anyone else.

Could everyone interested or not interested please voice their preference? Thank you.
Happy to help here, but I have no experience in marketing. If the existing ANOs and community are not willing or have time to press forward with establishing a marketing working group, I can’t just will it to happen. Creating a group for the sake of creating a group that will have no participation by its members is worse than not having a group at all IMO. I’ll reach out to Kieth and see if he needs help with the draft document.

I can try pinging all of the ANOs in the forum to see if they have had a time to review this discussion and have anything to add.

I think having a Marketing working group is necessary for coordinating the protocol message. We need the community to step up and voice their support (and pledge participation). Otherwise it’s a dead working group and no amount of forum magic can revive it. It requires participation and from what I’ve seen so far in this forum, our previous marketing committee members are too task saturated in other endeavors to participate (not a dig on anyone, I get it).
I've attached the outline for a new marketing working group.

Given where we were with the marketing committee last year I believe its best we restart as a working group instead of a committee and see how things progress over the course of 2020.

I plan to run things in a different way to previous committees and encourage anyone with an interest to join. Everyone is welcome! The application process is there to be able to gather contact information and get an understanding of initial numbers.