Original Campaign Pledges

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--Create a for-profit company (SAS structure) responsible for running the servers, collecting the Factoids and using the resulting revenues to promote the Factom protocol. It will also funds the HashnStore Foundation.

--Create a non-profit organisation, a francophone association (HashnStore Foundation), used as an interface for interested parties.


-- An initial funding of 8000 euros provided to the for-profit organisation.

-- A minimum salary of 1000 euros/member for each full time position.

-- Factoids sold to cover expenses and then 15% of the remaining factoids sold in euros to provide some hedging

--Three mainnet nodes

--Four Testnet nodes

--Lobby the Factom Protocol straight away to influent and interested deputies

--Organise dedicated meetings with target companies in favoured sectors (Supply chain, Luxury, Banks, Insurance, Wine, Data security) and startups to promote blockchain technology and the Factom protocol

--Translate Factom material in French and make it available through a website

--Provide technical support for any interested party willing to implement the Factom Protocol

--Educate future elites through conferences, dedicated courses on the Factom Protocol and workshops

--Leverage French schooling relationships in engineering, business and Alumni networks

--Subsidising the development of proof of concepts by students

--Relay Factom related news to top newspapers (LeFigaro, LeMonde, TechCrunch, bitcoin.fr, etc) through paid marketing and existing relationships

--Publish transparency reports on a monthly basis

--Report every sale of factoids, investment, partnership or expenses on the website

--Define a roadmap for goals and report achievements

2 nodes: 50%
1 node: 40%
You are viewing an older update. There is a newer update available.