Proposed changes to Doc002

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Should the document be ratified or amended as specified by the thread type?

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Timed Discussion

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We recently ratified Doc002 with the primary purpose of addressing our voting procedures.

The Governance Implementation Group have now further developed Doc002 by adding definitions, a clause against conflict and shortening several sections. Officer elections, previously an attachment, have been added into the main body. Officer elections are now reasonably standardized, while still allowing for different election details in other Factom documents, such as the proposed Doc 006 currently under discussion.

Ultimately, all documents should be compatible with each other. The aim is to amend all other documents to reduce the amount of conflict and keep the amount of different vote procedures to a minimum, the original Doc002 moved us in this direction however some potential for conflict remained and so we have taken the easiest first step of adding a conflict clause. This is based loosely on the principle of ‘interpretation against the drafter’, and gives precedence to procedures explicitly listed elsewhere until all documents are harmonized.

You can review the doc here:

Tracked version so that all changes are explicit

“Final” version with all changes accepted for ease of reading the complete document - for reference only

If you have any concerns, please utilize the 8-day discussion period effectively by taking the time to thoroughly read the draft document and ask whatever questions you need to via this forum.

I would like to acknowledge the effort put in by Vidale in the latest development of this document to create a much cleaner and authoritative version. As someone who does not have standing in the protocol he has asked that I publish this.


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At the end of the discussion period, ANOs vote and if 60% vote yes, the document is successfully ratified or amended.


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