Q1 2019 Report

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Q1 2019 Report


In Q1 we finished the first overarching development cycle for the protocol website, completing testing, small bug fixing, and minor improvements throughout the website. We subsequently began our second overarching development cycle that began with the hiring of our new web developer, Greg Wolff, who has been great to work with this quarter. The first release for this second development cycle is the new factom ecosystem portal. As we go we continue to build out the developer portal, and we believe that this portal is becoming a fantastic resource for developers within the the factom ecosystem.

Ecosystem Page: https://www.factomprotocol.org/ecosystem
Documentation Portal: https://developers.factomprotocol.org/
Update: https://factomize.com/forums/threads/factomprotocol-org-second-major-version.1674/

FAT Protocol

The Factom Asset Token Protocol made huge strides in Q1 2019. This was the quarter that the FAT protocol was truly brought to life. Please read the below update thread for more information:
Update: https://factomize.com/forums/threads/fat-development-grant-2-update.1880/


DBGrow continues to play a part in the Legal committee, lending our insights and experience and helping manage key relationships. In Q1 DBGrow has taken a backseat for the majority of the work to Nikola and Shuang, lead by the consistent hard work of MattO. While DBGrow is taking a smaller role in the legwork for the legal committee, we continue to lend our experiance where needed, and absorb all of the information we can as it is absolutely critical to have members of this community be knowledgeable on legal matters surrounding the factom blockchain and ecosystem, and knowledge from the work within the legal committee continues to be essential when discussing the factom protocol with corporate and government entities.
Update: https://factomize.com/forums/threads/legal-research-working-group-update-jan-2019.1454/


DBGrow continues to engage important parties about FAT and the Factom protocol. We believe that the impact of these meetings over time will be important, and will help contribute to a growing mindshare for the factom protocol with developers, companies, and government.

Private projects

This section will cover all DBGrow work as well as co-ventures with other entities. In Q1 we have made exciting strides in our developments with clients and partners. We hope for Q2 and Q3 to be able to discuss this work more, and to see more projects go live on mainnet. We are very excited by where we stand right now.

Looking ahead to Q2 2019

Q2 2019 will see a continued revamp and refinement to the factom protocol website, continued promotion such as the Odyssey Hackathon, continued outreach to important entities, continued work with clients/partners, finalization of the core of the FAT protocol, and plans to bring on new developers and delve into exciting new FAT protocol functionality to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible on the Factom Protocol.
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