Q1 2020 ANO Report

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General Protocol Contributions

Q1 of 2020 has been as exciting as ever. Even with the uncertainty all around the world, our team has been able to stay on track as we work to support the Factom Protocol. As you read further on, it's important to note that the entire scope of our work completed was either self or privately funded. None of these activities were subsidized in any way by the grant pool.

As always, Prestige IT does its very best to provide meaningful input to major governance discussions. We continue to vote regularly on community matters, maintain 100% uptime on our authority nodes, and respond promptly to network stalls. Our protocol related operations have consumed over 650,000 EC in the past 6 months, and we look forward to continuing to contribute to the increased usage of the Factom Protocol.

Please keep in mind that not all of our contributions could be listed here for the security and privacy of our clients. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

Prestige IT has helped introduce many new clients recently to PegNet. Our primary role is that of hand holding these whales/partners/service providers through the process of engaging the PegNet market, obtaining/converting pAssets and most critically, offering cold storage and disaster recovery solutions to ensure security and customer confidence. These engagements to date have introduced over 1.5M of private investor and institutional funds into the network. We believe this kind of work is instrumental to the healthy growth of the community. As we have continued to see PegNet evolve over the last few months in terms of new capital entering the ecosystem, we have also had the unique opportunity to assist in hosting and administrating some of its core tools while providing continuous internal security reviews of these new public services. Specifically PegNetMarketCap.com, pTrader.co, Prosper Pool, pWallet, and the ERC-20 pAsset Gateway.

In addition to our involvement with the tools listed above, another unique way in which we have helped inject new talent to the community is by overseeing the community bounty program and providing necessary DevOps support for any freelance devs sourced from these open bounties. A worthwhile note regarding these development efforts as a result of the bounty program, is that they have cost a fraction of what equivalent proposals were quoted through the Grant Pool. These bounties were either funded privately or through community donations.

Hosted PegNet Infrastructure

A couple months ago, a client of Prestige IT took ownership of PegNetMarketCap and we have since hosted and maintained this site on their behalf. PNMC is not only a popular community resource, but has evolved into a critical data-source for miners on PegNet.

(Big thank you to Factomize for the excellent work on PNMC and all their support throughout the ownership transfer process.)

Prestige is actively hosting and providing dev ops support for the first PegNet trading bot and Trading View integration tool pTrader.co. A resource the community has sorely missed since PegNet’s launch is familiar GUI based tools to interact with pAssets. This web app also seconds as an easy to use “normie friendly” web wallet. We believe that this is a major milestone for the PegNet community and is one of the key tools separating the technical few who are able to navigate the use of PegNet in its current form from the average crypto enthusiasts which do have not the time or technical knowledge to fully utilize or get involved with PegNet. pTrader is a first of its kind stand alone web-based trading bot that offers:
  • Secure account creation with 2FA offered
  • Management of all pAssets
  • Conversions between all pAssets in wallet
  • Deposits and withdrawals with the added feature of QR codes for ease of use
  • Integration of trading bot linked to Trading View
  • Export of Private Keys
Check out the beta release at https://pTrader.co.

Prosper Pool
Prestige IT continues to host and administer the public PegNet mining operation, https://prosperpool.io We have seen regular growth with a constant flow of new users who are passionate about participating in PegNet and helping to grow the community as a whole. We continue engagement with community sourced developers on continual improvements and additions for Prosper Pool. Being open source software, Prosper Pool is now running the majority of miner hash-power on the network.

pWallet will provide a polished iOS/Android/web app wallet experience for the PegNet community. Something that has been sorely missed is the lack of any mobile wallet for pAssets, this will hope to fill that gap and give users a simple, convenient, and secure platform to store their PegNet holdings. Beta testing coming soon.

ERC-20 pAsset Gateway
The Factom to ERC20 address gateway for pAssets is operated in order to facilitate pAssets being deposited on IDEX, Uniswap and other Ethereum based liquidity pools, Dex's and wallets. Generally the gateway extends the reach of PegNet to the Ethereum community. We recently took on the responsibility of maintenance and operation of this gateway, and are happy to provide this service for the PegNet community.

Internal Development

As we alluded to in our Q4 2019 post, Prestige continues to push forward with the development of its Enterprise Key Management software, FrostByte. With patents filed and developers working hard over the past several months, we have nearly finished a complete branding and UI/UX redesign which has been dubbed Phase 1. With this, we now have a sleek mobile app in the works that will offer not only the ease of use and polished experience necessary for general public adoption, along with added functionality to be the foundation for Phase 2.

This phase will include the addition of critical functionality that is not yet offered in any other wallets or key management software. As of right now, we are on schedule for a public announcement and marketing site release in Q2 as initially planned. We appreciate your patience, however we have no doubt it will be worth the wait. We are especially excited for our fellow Factom community to begin using this tool to start protecting and managing their sensitive data.

Looking Forward
We are excited to continue to grow in the value we provide the protocol, along with the continued growth of the Factom ecosystem. The past few months have not been easy, but we still believe at our core that there is a bright future for Factom Protocol ahead. We appreciate all of your continued support on all of these endeavors and look forward to the future ahead. Working together, we as a community can overcome any obstacle that stands in our way.
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