Q1 2020 Report

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1. Factoshi API

Work on the Factoshi stats API is well underway. It coincides with a large refactor of the Factoshi stats daemon to make it easier to add new stats to factoshi.io in the future (such as rich lists). An alpha version should be complete during Q2.

2. Factom.js

I have made several PRs to Factom.js to fix bugs and improve typings:


3. Governance

Factoshi continues to play an active role in governance. I brought forward an informal poll to discover ways to improve the efficiency of the Factom Protocol. I also tried to implement one of those proposals on behalf of ANOs, though the amendment failed at the ratification stage.

Other governance activity includes thorough review and editing of Doc 002 prior to the amendment vote, and general participation and proactive engagement with various governance initiatives.

4. Efficiency

At Factoshi's Q4 2019 update, I mentioned that Factoshi would only be engaging with server maintenance and bug fixing on Factoshi.io in order to reduce costs. As the above development work demonstrates, that did not happen. Continuing to operate at 50% is not sustainable at these price levels. Consequently, Factoshi is dropping to 40% efficiency until a time that the price of FCT can show sustained recovery.
You are viewing an older update. There is a newer update available.