Q2 2020 Report

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It has been a busy quarter for Factoshi. I'll get straight to it.


1. Batched amendments
Factoshi collaborated with other ANOs to introduce a successful amendment that allows batched amendments to be made to our governance documents. This change makes the process of sweeping governance reforms more efficient and, to borrow a computer science term, atomic.

2. Guide removal
The vote to remove Guides almost crippled our governance. Factoshi played a key role in delivering the necessary amendments to remove Guides from our governance.

3. Exchange Working Group
Factoshi has been collaborating with other ANOs in the exchange working group to organise, source funding for, and deliver a new exchange. We expect the fruits of that labour to be realised soon.

4. Website Committee
Factoshi assisted in creating the new website committee.

5. Governance Working Group
In collaboration with other ANOs, Factoshi has put a lot of effort into crafting a proposal to radically amend our governance. We expect to be able to publish that proposal soon.


1. Factoidd
Factoshi released a major upgrade to Factoidd, our factoid accounting script.

2. Pegnetd PR
Factoshi added a new API endpoint to Pegnetd to expand the functionality of the API.

3. Factoshi.io Major Release
A new major release of Factoshi.io was introduced.

4. Factoshi.io Minor Release
Following the above release, more changes were made to improve the user experience. These were primarily focussed on style, particularly in dark mode and on mobile. A huge thank you to @Anton Ilzheev for all the feedback during the development process.

5. Network Restart Proposal
Factoshi put forward a proposal to upgrade our network restart mechanism. That proposal is still under consideration and I am not yet sure how and if we will proceed with it.

6. Code review of factom.js PR
Factoshi assisted in the code review of a PR to factom.js made by Bedrock Solutions. Much of the review discussion took place in a private channel on Discord.


Factoshi applied for and completed a grant to launch a new API for network stats. Several services are already using that API, including the new protocol website and the new PegNet explorer. In fact, traffic from factoshi.io is now in the minority as other clients begin to dominate demand for network stats and metrics. You can read about that grant here: https://factomize.com/forums/threads/factoshi-2-stats-daemon-and-public-api.4800/
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